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Best Backyard Fire Pits To Buy in 2023 [Complete Review & Buyer Guide]

The best backyard fire pits are the safe way to transport the rustic feeling of the campfire into your patio, or deck. Used year-around, a fire pit offers a cozy focal point outdoor where friends and family come together. Unlike other outdoor heaters, fire pit brings 360 degrees of flame to the entertaining outdoor areas.

Bring a luxurious style home that fits outdoor décor, whether it’s permanent or portable, wood or gas burning, stone, or metal. We have come up with the list of best backyard fire pits features and styles that work in the outdoor living area.

Best Patio Fireplace Best Patio Fireplace
Bessemer 01471 28″ Patio Fireplace
  • Style:FirePit
  • Color:Black and Silver
  • Size:28-Inch
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Amazon Best Selling Outdoor Fire Pit Amazon Best Selling Outdoor Fire Pit
Walden Fire Pit Grate Round Diameter Premium Heavy Duty Steel Grate with Ember Catcher for Outdoor Fire Pits
  • Style:Fire Pit
  • Color:Black
  • Size:29.5-Inch
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Garden Light Fire Pit Garden Light Fire Pit
Landmann 26364 23-Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit
  • Style:Fire Pit
  • Color:Black
  • Size:1/2-Inch
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Wood Pellet Fire Pit Wood Pellet Fire Pit
HY-C FG-16 Flame Genie Portable Smoke-Free Wood Pellet Fire Pit
  • Style:Flame Genie
  • Color:Black
  • Size:13.5″ Diameter
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Best Round Fire Pits Best Round Fire Pits
BALI OUTDOORS Gas Fire Pit Propane Fire Column
  • Style:Gas Fire Pit
  • Color:Black
  • Size:23-Inch
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Outdoor Square Propane Fire Pit Outdoor Square Propane Fire Pit
Christopher Knight Home
  • Style:Outdoor Firepit
  • Color:Stone Finish
  • Size:32 x 32 x 24 inches
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Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit
Heininger 5995 58,000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit
  • Style:Firepit
  • Color:Black
  • Size:19-Inch Diameter
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Portable Outdoor Fire Pit Portable Outdoor Fire Pit
Rootless Portable Outdoor Fire Pit Medium Collapsible Steel Mesh Fireplace
  • Style:Portable Firepit
  • Color:Grey
  • Size:Medium
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Wood Burning Campfire and Backyard Fire Pit Wood Burning Campfire and Backyard Fire Pit
Double Flame BREEO Smokeless Fire Pit
  • Style:Firepit
  • Color:Silver
  • Size:19-Inch
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Gas Fire Pit Outdoor Firebowl Gas Fire Pit Outdoor Firebowl
Bond Manufacturing 67836 54,000 BTU Aurora Camping
  • Style:Bronze
  • Color:Black
  • Size:18.5-Inch
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Table of Contents

Types of Firepits

Fire pits are the best addition to your backyard to enhance the atmosphere of your patio, backyard, or home. The classic campfire-style creates a unique outdoor experience that provides comfort and warmth. Still, there are many styles to choose from, so our experts put together to explore different types of firepits that will help you to choose the best backyard fire pits according to your demands.

1. Gas Fire Pit

A gas fire pit offers convenience and safety in the controlled fire to give ambiance and warmth. Gas fire pit features a gas burner to provide flames and used with many media like fire glass, lava rock or ceramic log set. When gas fire pits hooked up to propane or natural source, the best fire is ready at any time if the firepit is adequately installed, its safer then wood because fame will not be considered as in wood fire pit.

2. Classic Fire Pit

Whether gas or wood, classic firepit features 360 degrees of flame to give comfort and warmth like a traditional campfire, traditional fire pits are made of wood and easy to install and use. Essentially, an enclosure metal or stone/Concrete provides structure to contain the wood.

3. Water and Fire Features

Modern innovation has brought us a combination of water and fire with backyard fire and water features. Various types of fire and water features offer many installation options for a backyard paradise. Moreover, the combo of fire and water creates a focal opportunity for the ultimate outdoor living space. These unique features make warmth and comfort to enhance the backyard.

4. DIY Fire Pits

A cost-effective and straightforward way for most people to go, DIY fire pit are offered in different varieties but include components required to create a custom gas fire pit. The primary and famous kits are match light kits, then spark ignition and electronic ignition. Cost efficiency depends on the purchase of DIY that is cheaper than the finished product.

It’s much easier to install, DIY kits are easy to install purchase gas connection should be finished by professional. These kind of fire pits are customizable with a myriad of shapes and sizes, limits to fire pit options are endless as you build and design your unique fire pit.

5. Table Top Fire Pits

More convenient and portable fire pits offer comfort and warmth in economic size to use on any table. These tabletop fire pits are fueled, so no gas connection required. You can use these fire pits easily outdoor or indoor. Gel fuel is filled in the fire pits, which means clean-burning fuel is odorless and less expensive to provide comfort and ambiance.

6. Fire Urns

Fire urns provide one of a kind statement to enhance any patio atmosphere. These gas-powered best backyard firepits feature a high-quality burner to give bright and elegant flame contrasted by the traditional decorative urn. The ornamental appearance makes one of a kind ambiance to elevate the patio atmosphere. The combo of the decorative pot with a high-quality gas burner makes an unbeatable combination.

  • Table

Firepit tables allow your guests and family to enjoy eating and drinking in the warmth of roaring fire. This feature ranges in size and style from the coffee table to the bar night table.

  • Grilling

Some fire pits come with cooking grate as a grill. If it doesn’t, many cooking grate options will easily fit over the top of the fire pit. Decorative Unlit or lit, decorative fire pit act as an outdoor accent. Decorative options include inscriptions, landscape scenes, or customized motifs.

  • Materials

The essential element when choosing the best backyard fire pits is the material used to construct it. The materials not just equate to durability, they also make a particular style. Depends on your requirements and style preference, the component of the fire pit will have a considerable impact.

  • Steel

The steel fire pit consists of a wide variety of models that vary in quality and price. So, Steel is the best material because it can easily be molded into any imaginable shape. Careful unprotected steel rust over time, so carefully buy one that is powder coated and aware of physical changes that fire pit may endure. Usually, high-end models are handmade by a steel artisan and are unique, while the inexpensive models are standard and come in various sizes and styles.

  • Copper

Copper is cream of the crop when it comes to the fire pit. These fire pits will not rust, in-fact made of copper develop a desirable patina over many years of use. The copper can be molded into eventually any shape and last virtually forever. Copper products tend to be on the expensive side, but the cost is worth it in the long run.

  • Stone & Tile

Gas fuel and occasionally wood-burning available usually, stone and tile fire pits are very artistic and unique. They made with solid steel frame and mesh body with the rocks, tiles, or bricks then applied to mesh body using standard masonry procedures. These fire pits are massive, so many moments are not recommended.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel fire pits come with all features of stainless steel, including the durable material, rust-free that will stay looks excellent for years. Most people like the industrial look of the stainless steel fire pit, as well the functionality. Unfortunately, these fire pits are rare and come in few styles because they are expensive.

  • Cast Iron

The cast iron is the standard material used in the construction of fire pits. Cast iron is easy to work with a light enough to move around and inexpensive. These fire pits are not as strong as wrought iron nor as heavy, but the lightweight nature of cast iron is desirable.

Our Top 10 Pickups of Best Backyard Firepits

  •  Bessemer Backyard Fireplace
  •  Walden Round Backyard Firepit
  •  Landmann Savannah Firepit
  •  HY-C FG-16 Flame Portable Firepit
  •  BALI Gas Outdoor Firepit
  • Christopher Knight Square Firepit
  •  Heininger Portable outdoor firepit
  •  Rootless Portable Fire Pit
  •  Double Flame Smokeless Firepit
  •  Bond Manufacturing Backyard Firepit

1. Bessemer Backyard Fireplace – Best Portable Fireplace

best backyard fire pits

The Bessemer backyard fireplace is one of the most common and best backyard fire pits that will provide easy mobility. So, we recommend the Bessemer fireplace that works great and easy to move with the help of its wheels. Offering the ultimate deluxe mobile backyard fireplace. The patented bonfire backyard fireplace has a porcelain bowl and lid and steel grate for wood.

The silver temperature painted center steel fire screen keeps the fire contained visible. The attractive door allows easy access to the fire. The convenient handle and wheels assembly will enable you to position the unique item in the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining.


Firepit comes with large wheels for transportation from the truck to beach or campground, the fireplace brightness the party with a crackling flame for all. The fireplace feature porcelain enamel bowl, lid with tall, sturdy spark-screen walls in between. The walls stand up to sue for years, keeping sparks from landing on clothing.

Features of Bessemer

  • The porcelain enamel lid and bowl for optimal corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. Portable fireplace with wheels for easy transport to patio, beach, and campsite.
  • Two pieces of screens wrapped in corrugate, which is attached to undesired of fire pit
  • Domed top push heat outward instead of straight up for warmer
  • Single door for easy cleaning, refueling and marshmallow roasting

Specifications of Bessemer

Specifications Values
Product Dimensions 32.7 x 28 x 45.7 inches
Product weight 30 pounds
DepartmentOutdoor Living & Patio
ManufacturerFire Sense




  • Sturdy design and porcelain enamel bowl makes it attractive
  • Steel grate makes placing logs easy and quick
  • Replaceable wheels
  • Portable and capable of handling woods



  • Melted the plastic wheels
  • Lid paint melted after first use


2. Walden Round Backyard Firepit – Great Quality Firepit

Walden Round Backyard Firepit

Walden backyard created to start enjoying backyard moments with your family. The Walden fire grates sit above the ground that allows airflow to come from underneath and keeps the fire burning bright, with minimum smoke! The best backyard fire pits come with two small squares that catch coals that keep the fire burning long into the night.

However, You shouldn’t have to replace your pit set up every year. The patio fire pit grate 1/2 inches steel is built to withstand extreme temperature, and with its 30 diameter design, it works in about any large fire pit. Its best for 30-inch fire pits.
This fire grate is a heavy-duty product and last fire great you will ever buy. This fire grate is built to last as long as you do with the stringent focus on quality.

The fire grate sensible design keeps the fire cleaner by keeping off the ground and wood dry, so start fires in all conditions. This reduces the ash and makes them more comfortable and quick to clean up. The high-temperature powder coating ensures the steel holds up against the high temperature and protects the product from rust to keep grate looking spectacular.

Features of Walden

  • The fire grate has a large ember catcher that keeps the fire brighter and hotter by keeping the coals warm in the fire.
  • Grate keeps the wood of ground, which gives better airflow.
  • The grate is made from high carbon hardened steel, which is 45% stronger than other steel. The fire grate fits in about any large fire pit and best for 30 inches pits.
  • High-temperature powder coating ensures the steel grate holds up against high temperatures and protects us from developing, keeping the grate looking spectacular.
  • The sensible design of the grate keeps it cleaner by keeping the wood dry, also reduce the ash, and made easier and quick clean up.

Specifications of Walden

Specifications Values
Package Dimensions31.5 x 30.5 x 5.5 inches
Item Weight 41 pounds
Manufacturer Walden Products
Color Black




  • Well-made great
  • Perfect great that allows air to flow around the edges and under the logs
  • Ember catcher keeps firing brighter and hotter
  • The grate is made of high carbon hardened steel
  • Grate built to last as many years
  • Powder coating ensures the grate prevents rust and hold high temperature



  • Not find yet


3. Landmann Savannah Firepit – Best for Camping

best backyard fire pits review

When we talk about a wood-burning fire pit, you need the best backyard fire pits that stands up to heat and has the best design also fit quickly with the décor of your backyard patio. The Landmann Garden light fire pit is the best option with the incredible design, solid steel construction, and full 360-degree heat radius.

However, It’s quick and easy to set up. Form start to finish Landmann assembled in just 11 to 12 minutes. It’s also quite comfortable for us to see the allure of a beautiful design. Assembly consisted of attaching the legs to the pit and mounting supporting tabs for spark guard. The wrench is required to tighten everything done, but a socket wrench is a good option if one is already available.

To prevent the rust of the fire pit is coated with high-quality black paint. Therefore, Being made of steel and being located in the humid south, rust will be a serious problem. Moreover, The Krylon paint will efficiently protect the pit all the seasons. Some owners have had some issues with standard paint falling off and steel beginning to rust, even with the cover.

from bothering you any longer!

It’s the best backyard firepit that is an excellent unit that makes the best addition to the backyard. Spark screen keeps the embers of grass, and a well-ventilated fire pit disperses a vast amount of heat.

Features of Landmann

  • Fire bowl size is large 23-1/2-Inch that is great for outdoor activities
  • Firepit made of sturdy steel construction designed for easier assembly
  • It includes poker and Spark screen
  • Great produce that provides a 360-degree viewing of the fire
  • Decorative and Attractive cutouts on firebox provide an incredible ambiance at night

Specifications of Landmann

Fuel TypeWood
Material Steel
Color Black
Black fire pit style savannah
Warranty 30 days




  • Budget-friendly product
  • Decorative and attractive
  • Large bowl
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Poker and spark screen
  • Offer incredible ambiance



  • Poor quality cover

4. HY-C FG-16 Flame Portable Firepit – Best for Compact Storage

Best Compact fire pits

Be captivated by mesmerizing flames while adding glow to your backyard, patio, or outdoor adventure. The flame for the pit is smoke-free, and spark-free features make it a perfect backyard, wilderness fire pit, or streamside companion for enthusiasts. Easily fit and easily assembled, the streamlined flame design and easy operation give enjoyment in a few minutes.

Moreover, The low moisture content of wood results in a more efficient, cleaner burn than cordwood. The wood pellets leave with minimum ash to clean up and, unlike pellets, can be transported across state lines.
The flame genie captivating visible flames heat output never fails to impress. Anyhow, Now relax with peace of mind after knowing that flame ash pan captures ash and ensures safety. It’s out there’s no spontaneous combustion when the fire goes out.

Fill the chamber of flame genie firepit with hardwood pellets up to the bottom of interior fill-line indicator holes, after applying lighter fluid or pellet gel carefully light pellets. The fire will build and gives you immediate enjoyment.

Features of HY-C FG-16

  • It’s ideal for backyard, patio, and campsite use with the back powder coat paint finish.
  • Firepit produces a large flame longer burn times and more heat
  • Easy to handle wood pellets with minimum ash tot clean up, Low moisture content of wood results in efficient, cleaner burn cordwood.
  • Now no more holes in fabrics or smoky clothes from sparks.
  • Bottom nests in the top for compact storage and easy transport

Specifications of HY-C FG-16

Material Galvanized Steel
Product Dimensions 9 x 19 x 21 inches
Initial Fuel Load 6 lbs of pellets
Visible Flame Time 25 - 35 minutes
Heat Time 60 - 90 minutes




  • Easy to maintain
  • Spark and smokes less pit
  • Additional ash pan
  • Flame looks beautiful
  • Perfect size for transportation
  • Larger flame



  • Easily rust after some uses
  • The learning curve required to add pellets on fire

5. BALI Gas Outdoor Firepit – Best for PartiesGas Outdoor Firepit

The BALI round backyard fire pit is an attractive centerpiece for backyard living space. Now make your living room extend and comfortable. The propane fire pit is suited for gathering with friends and family on the backyard, gazebos, and more.

Moreover, The unique fire pit looks excellent; the large diameter fire bowl and round burner attract the audience and create a 360-degree visual effect while the inner flame provides even heat. The adjustable control knob for fast and straightforward operation and integrated electric ignition systems enhance the effectiveness of the success rate of ignition.

There’s no need to worry about the irregular ground you can adjust the foot stands, let the firepit to remain stable. It doesn’t have sharp edges, regular facets, and smooth are beautiful reflectors like a sparkling diamond of firelight that produce attractive reflective flames.

Features of BALI

  • The fire pit provides a warm atmosphere 50,000 BTU heat output from the round propane firepit. The cylinder fire pit is excellent for the backyard, patio, and porch.
  • Gas fire pit with the simplistic line design looks tasteful and beautiful and gives a cozy sense.
  • The fireplace has a thermocouple that will cutout source gas automatically when it doesn’t touch the flame.
  • It is easy to assemble because it includes pre-installed propane regular and hose.
  • An adjustable knob for simple operation and an electric ignition system improves the success rate of ignition effectively.

Specifications of BALI

Dimensions 23"x26.5"
Heat Output 50,000 BTU
Fire Glass
Fuel Propane




  • Adjustable flame size
  • Dancing flame attracts the audience
  • The blue fire rock looks admirable
  • Gas will automatically cutout when doesn’t touch the flame
  • Include propane regulator and pre-installed hose
  • 24-month replacement warranty



  • Some users have problems with lava rocks


6. Christopher Knight Square Firepit – Best for BackyardChristopher Knight Square Firepit

The Christopher outdoor fire pit by the Christopher is designed to look alike stone provides a timeless feel. Moreover, it also designed to withstand the test time, as well as the most robust elements. The main body of the fire pit is made of magnesium oxide, and steel with the brownstone finish and leg material is magnesium oxide that looks great.

Moreover, Dimensions of the fire pit are 32 inches length 24 inches high and 32 inches wide. The weight of the pit is almost 155 pounds, so it’s safe to say it’s not made with the portability in mind. Moreover, the pit comes assembled, so there’s no need to waste time to assemble the fire pit. You just need to choose where to put it.

Heat output of the fire pit is 40,000 BTUs that are considerably lower than other models on the market, even the cheaper ones, moreover, it doesn’t come with the lava rocks that help the thermal insulation and heat conduction, so it should be useful. Although the model comes with the warranty, if you feel any issue, you can report.

Features of Christopher

  • The fire pit is made of steel and magnesium oxide with brownstone finish, specially designed to give a timeless feel.
  • Measures 32 inches x 32 inches x 24 inches and 155-pound weight
  • Need to attach a 2o pound tank and heat output of 40,000 BTUs
  • Comes with lava rocks that are helpful with heat conduction and thermal insulation

Specifications of Christopher

Product Dimensions 32 x 32 x 24 inches
Item Weight154.7 pounds
Manufacturer Christopher Knight Home
Item model number 296587




  • Designed as the toughest elements and withstand the test of time
  • Lava rocks help with heat conduction and thermal insulation
  • Has rustic and timeless design
  • Well-appointed and well made



  • Difficult to move due to its weight
  • Warranty is not specified
  • Has less heat output


7. Heininger Portable Outdoor Firepit – Best for Small FamiliesPortable Outdoor Firepit

The best portable gas firepit has round designed and is best for on-the-go sue, the weight of the pit is 22 pounds and measuring 19 inches x 11 inches. This outdoor pit is made of stainless steel, so it’s durable and easily withstands most.

Moreover, Just attach it to a 20-pound propane tank, and you are good to go. There’s no need for any tool to install it, although it’s important to know that tank is not included. What the pit comes with is a lava rocks bag and 10-foot gas hose. The pit has an output of 58,000 BTU, which is powerful considering its small size.

The propane is smokeless, so no need to shifting the position when the wind changes or make lame jokes about beauty. Make firepit centerpiece for outdoor fun, bringing beauty and warmth to every occasion anywhere, including the backyard. You comfortably stowed in your vehicle for instant parties.

Features of Heininger

  • Best for backyards, camping tailgating or patio
  • 58,000 BTUs and burn smokeless and cleans
  • It is CSA approved that is safe to use during campfire bans that allow checking with the current fire restrictions.
  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • Comes with a 10-foot hose and lava rocks

Specifications of Heininger

Model 5995
Item Weight 22 pounds
Brand Heininger




  • Extremely durable
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Lightweight and small
  • Easily store and transport
  • Comes with gas hose and lava rocks
  • One year warranty



  • Without lid

8. Rootless Portable Fire Pit – Best for CampingRootless Portable Fire Pit

The outdoor fire pit from Rootless fantastic bargain option that doesn’t compromise on quality. Its best for use during the camping trips and easy to assemble without any tool. The product is made of stainless steel mesh net that can smoothly be rolled up and fold, and the collapsible legs make it easy to pick and transport whenever you need.

Therefore, the Rootless Portable fire pit is less expensive, but it is durable with netting constructed out of eco-friendly stainless steel coated with heat-resistant material.

The intricated weaving on net stops a large amount of ash and debris from slipping through that makes cleaning up a lot easier and quicker. The steel legs are well-built and feature caps so they will not damage the ground they’re on.

Features of Rootless

  • Comes in two different sizes with the 2.25 weight
  • Stainless steel mesh net that easily is rolled up and folding collapsible legs makes it easy to pack up and transport
  • It comes with an excellent quality velcro carrying bag for portability
  • Durable with netting constructed out of steel coat with heat resistant material and legs made out of steel.
  • Intricate wearing on net stops an amount of ash and debris from slipping through that makes cleaning up easy and quick.

Specifications of Rootless

Product Dimensions16.5 x 16.5 x 12.6 inches
Item Weight 2.25 pounds
Manufacturer Rootless




  • Easy to clean up and transport
  • Comfortably set up and pack up
  • It’s an eco-friendly product
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comes in two different sizes
  • Free Velcro carrying bag
  • 18 months warranty



  • Not able to attach a propane tank


9. Double Flame Smokeless Firepit – Sturdy & Durable Firepitportable backyard fire pits

The patio fire pit is designed for outdoor use. It provides a balance between functionality, durability, and portability. The pit is made of heavy-duty stainless steel that is strong and durable, meaning it will last for years with rough handling, for example, throwing it into the back of the camper van with a lot of items.

However, This product is circular in design; it weighs 42 pounds and measures 22 inches x 16 inches that makes it’s quite easy to transport and store as needed. The design means that absolutely no propane or gas is needed; instead, wood can burn in a smokeless manner.

The high-efficiency reburn system feeds the fire at the bottom while using the double walls to draw in air and burn off smoke, thereby effectively reducing ash and smoke output for an eco-friendly fire pit alternative.

Features of Double Flame

  • The double flame is a perfect firepit for outdoor use with incredible design and unmatched function for ultimate fire experience.
  • A super high-efficiency reburn system that feeds the fire at the bottom and uses double walls to draw in air and burn off smoke at the top.
  • The fire pit is built with heavy-duty stainless steel that will last for years. It’s the perfect balance between portability and durability.
  • It was a built-in accessory locking mechanism and post sleeve that is compatible.

Specifications of Double Flame

Product Dimensions 22 x 22 x 16 inches
Item Weight 42 pounds
Item model number DF-19SLFP-SS




  • Great balance between functionality, durability, and portability
  • Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel
  • Durable and extremely strong
  • Uses a high-efficiency reburn system
  • Burns wood in a smokeless manner
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty



  • Not easy to operate as a propane fire pit


10. Bond Manufacturing Backyard Firepit – Great Camping Firepit

best fire pits for backyard

When you purchase this gas fire pit, it will come with all the essential accessories you need to ensure 100-percent user satisfaction. These accessories include a lid, gas hose, stones, and regulator. Besides, the gas fire pit is ideal for camping and tailgating.

Therefore, All the units built to last, and the unit is no exception. It constructed with durable steel. The portable fire pit boasts the rubber bronze finish to make it sustainable and improve its aesthetics. The unit is well sized and capable of outputting a vast amount of heat without being less portable.

The Bond fire pit is one of the best backyard fire pits that are perfect for camping. This portable propane fire pit cranks out 50,000 BTUs. It has a steel frame that uses a 20-pound propane tank and comes with a locking lid. The pumice stone, 10-foot hose, and tank holder complete the pit also come with the fire pit.

Features of Bond

  • The firepit comes with stones, lid, tank holder, regulator, and gas hose
  • Steel frame with the rubber bronze finish
  • Uses 20-pound tank and has 50,000 BTU output
  • Safe for wood decks and best for camping

Specifications of Bond

Product Dimensions18.5 x 18.5 x 14.65 inches
Item Weight18 pounds
ManufacturerBond Manufacturing
Item model number




  • Decent quality
  • Gentle flame and good heat
  • Comes with lava rocks
  • Easy to use



  • If you want to turn the portable fire pit off flame must be turned on


How To Pick The Best Backyard Fire pits

The firepit comes in two types, and the criteria for selection are entirely different between two. Let’s start with propane fire pits.

1. Propane

These fire pits are different; you need a model that looks great while having large heat output and high performance more than anything else. For propane fire pit design and shape don’t matter all that much.

Moreover, These are going to be decorative items for outside centrepieces for deck, patio, back yard seating area. Some that aren’t typically designed to be used on dangerous campsites during the dry season when there would usually be a ban on campfires, propane fires produce no sparks or smoke.

Heat output measured in BTUs and should be a minimum of 35,000 BTUh. Heat going to be leeching into the air after all, unlike a grill, so output needs to be higher.

2. Style and size

When it comes to choosing the best fire pit size for the backyard here are one of the vital fire pits. You need to be sure that the firepit compliments outdoor space and doesn’t mess up it or get lost in it. Remember to check measurements of pit beforehand and check against the area you are planning to put the firepit in.

Therefore, When the fire pit is massive and table fire pit often are try to make a difficult decision on where it’s going to go as moving it around after fact will be difficult. The style of pit dictated by what you need to use if for. If you need utility, select a table fire pit if you are planning a romantic ambiance, choose a tabletop fire pit.

You won’t be able to cook in different types of the chiminea, and bowl firepit certainly isn’t indoor use. Having a clear idea of what to get from your pit prevent you from purchasing something that isn’t suitable.

3. Ignition

If you are going outside and flipping a switch to turn on the fire pit, then you will need to get yourself a propane model. Wood burning pits might seem rustic, but they do take effort and time to light. If you’d prefer something convenient, you might have to opt for gas

4. Heat Output

If heater that wants to buy list its BTU output, you can estimate how large area it will able to heat. Simply multiply the square footage by 20 BTUs per square foot.

The trick is to overcompensate to make up for factors like wind chill. If heater provides enough heat for precisely the area you were hoping to keep warm; you might need to pick one with a slightly higher BTU output.

5. Wood Fired

Wood-fired fire pits are simple, so you need to look overall construction of pit that makes special note of materials used, size of the fire pit, and design. The size required is based on tastes but generally needs to be 21 inches wide and 10 inches deep.

However, The fire pit should be made of either heavily conductive or heavily insulated material. An insulated pit will cause long burning. The hot flame for people to huddle around that is best for setting and forgetting a fire. The conductive materials will radiate heat better and keep air people sitting around it warmer, but fire will burn much faster as a result.

Moreover, Insulated materials include cast iron and steel, while conductive materials are bronze and aluminum. The design varies from different shapes and contains proper ventilation. Fires feed on airflow, and oxygen is essential to longevity and heat of the fire. All the wood fire pits come with mesh covering to reduce sparks; they have some other way of preventing sparking.

6. Safety

when tending a recreational fire in a backyard pit. Make sure every member knows the rules to sue the firepit and doesn’t have children alone with fire.

7. Price

Both grills types are going to be around the same price range based on sized. More extensive models cost 300$ and more, while smaller will run around 100$ on average. Moreover, This is consistent whether you re talking about wood-fired pits or propane firepits as most of the cost comes from the materials, not internal components of propane pits.
Therefore, price wise its matter of preference, though keep in mind propane centerpieces do tend to BE bigger.


Whether you are finding for a propane fire pit or wood-burning pits for your backyard or camping trips, So there’s have it, Ten of the best backyard fire pits on the market and buying guide to help you to choose the one that suits you most.

However, Bessemer living fire pit is one of the best backyard fire pits. The favorite would be their durable Bessemer backyard fire pit. Have fun in balmy warmth and the soft glow of new fire pit friends. Regardless of the temperature outside. It’s an outdoor furniture and fire feature in one as it offers enough room to place hot chocolate or cocktails while burning warms up everyone. Still, you are at a tight unit above.


How to maintain best backyard fire pits?

Our all products are incredibly durable and made to last Fire pit made from mild-steel and cast-iron and varying from 5mm to 1cm in thickness. The rusted cast-iron holes have no seam-welds or joints in design, thus making them reliable in structure and adverse to making potential weak spots due to rust. There's no extra care required to maintain the fire pits. On the second side, mild-steel fire pits or joints their design, thus making them reliable in structure to creating potential weak spots due to rust. There's also no extra care required.

How to keep BBQ fire pits rust free and clean?

It's essential to keep BBQ pits grill and cook plates well oiled, after, and before cooking. It will prevent rust. So, before cooking, apply the thin layer of oil to the plates when the plates are not in use. After the use, clean the plates & grill and wrap in a clean cloth or hang off the ground hooks in the garage.

Which is the perfect size of the fire pit for small families?

For small families and get-togethers, the average size of the fire pit is best to use. So, find the diameter you are considering in the product description. Cut and measure a piece of cardboard that matches of fire pit you are considering. Now place the cut out where you want to enjoy BBQ evenings.

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