Top 10 Best Gas Fire Pit In 2020

Best Gas Fire Pit in 2023 – Complete Buyer Guide [Updated List]

There’s nothing best like cozying up by the fireplace on a cold winter. However, a fireplace doesn’t fit years-round and keeps you inside away from the pretty night sky. Fortunately, with the best gas fire pit, you can experience the coziness and warmth of the bonfire year-round while enjoying the beauty of the outdoor and also roast marshmallows on your gas fire pit.

The best fire pit can be the centerpiece for your backyard and are an excellent spot to have some quality family time and escape the hassle of modern life. There’s are magical feeling that comes from sitting around and watching the flames.

They come in a variety of fuel sources, styles, and price ranges, so there’s the great chance an outdoor fire would fit your yard perfectly. Now many states have restrictions on wood-burning fires, so gas fire pits offer an alternative. Decorative logs, rocks, or glass beads can be just as attractive, and the gas burner will not spark, it will be safe.

In this article, we will discuss a detailed look at the gas fire pit, the benefits of fires using other fuels, what to avoid and what to look for when shopping for one, and end with a list of top best choices for the best gas fire pit available today.

Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit
Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit
  • Ignition Type:Manual
  • Color:Black
  • Size:19-Inch Diameter
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Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit
Heininger 5995 58,000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit
  • Ignition Type:Manual
  • Color:Black
  • Size:19-Inch Diameter
Check On Amazon
Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Table Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Table
Outland Living 401 Series Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Table
  • Ignition Type:Automatic
  • Color:Espresso Brown
  • Size:44-Inch
Check On Amazon
Blue Fiber Glass Fire Pit Blue Fiber Glass Fire Pit
Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table
  • Ignition Type:Automatic
  • Color:Blue Fireglass
  • Size:30-Inch
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Outdoor Square Propane Fire Pit with Outdoor Square Propane Fire Pit with
Christopher Knight Home
  • Ignition Type:Automatic
  • Color:Stone Finish & Brown
  • Size:32.00″L x 32.00″W x 24.00″H
Check On Amazon
Square Propane Fire Pit Square Propane Fire Pit
AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit
  • Ignition Type:Automatic
  • Color:Antique Bronze Finish
  • Size:38-Inch
Check On Amazon
Propane Fire Pit Table With Side Table Storage Propane Fire Pit Table With Side Table Storage
Best Choice Products Patio Propane Fire Pit Table
  • Ignition Type:Automatic
  • Color:Brown
  • Size:48×27-Inch
Check On Amazon
Fire Pit Table for Backyard Fire Pit Table for Backyard
Best Choice Products Square Propane Fire Pit Table for Backyard
  • Ignition Type:Automatic
  • Color:Gray
  • Size:35×35-Inch
Check On Amazon
Outdoor Table Top Fireplace Outdoor Table Top Fireplace
Endless Summer LP Gas Outdoor Table Top Fireplace
  • Ignition Type:Manual
  • Color:Black
  • Size:15-Inch
Check On Amazon
Concrete Fire Pit For Backyard Concrete Fire Pit For Backyard
Elementi Manhattan Cast Concrete Fire Pit
  • Ignition Type:Manual
  • Color:Gray
  • Size:12-Inch Diameter
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Table of Contents

Gas Fire Pit

It’s a decorative feature that traditionally found in your backyard and garden to gives you warmth. Although the word Pit means a significant hold in the ground, many gas fire pits are free-standing constructions. Some designs can recess into the garden that gives protection from the flames.

A portable gas fire pit resembles the propane burner used at thanksgiving for deep frying the turkey. A round construction uses a concave metal bowl or basket with the burner at the base connected by the hose to a propane tank. Best for sitting around a campfire, they are an excellent choice for the backyard is easy to move to where required.

The traditional gas fire pit will usually be made of either stone or metal. They can take the form of a masonry feature or a table that you can sit around with your friends or family. A chamber under the pit will house the propane tank, although many can be linked to the natural gas pipeline.

Features of Gas Burning Fire Pit

The Gas fire pits offer the ultimate in convenience for homeowners. They are quicker to light than the wood fire pit and don’t require constant refuelling. The quick-start ignition system found on modern gas fire pits that ensure you can light them instantly. For energy saving and safety as quickly as they are to start up, they can also turn off immediately.

The gas fire pit is less messy to use without wood to handled and no clearing up. If you are camping, you no longer have to waste your time collecting firewood. At home, just make sure you have liquid propane or natural gas. They also offer a heat form with the unpredictable sparks. For proper use of Gas fire pit you should also know how does a gas fire pit work.

Therefore, they are best for use on the deck. Furthermore, if you live in an area that prohibits the burning of wood, a gas fire pit is a perfect solution. Both liquid propane and natural gas are clean-burning fuels, suitable for those with smoke or allergies sensitivities.

Are They any Drawback?

The clean-burning propane or natural gas can also one of the drawbacks of a gas fire pit. If you select a propane model, there’s always the chance it could run out mid-party. However, if you also have a gas grill, you can borrow the fuel from there to tide you over if you need to be.

Moreover, with the gas, once the line has laid, you won’t find it to move the fire pit. The gas lines can be expensive to install, so portability is compared limited to wood-fired or coal options. Most people would argue you lose the romance of campfire when using the gas instead of wood. However, you can obtain decorative logs, often ceramic, which add to the visual appeal. Other different models may use rocks or colored glass pebbles for decorative effects.

In the end, if cooking over your fire pit, you lose the depth of the flavor that you get with the charcoal-burning holes. Nothing compares to the BBQ taste you get with those grills. Most gas fire pit hasn’t designed with the cooking in mind, and you will probably need to purchase a separate grate or rotisserie.

Things to be Consider Before Choosing the Best Gas Fire Pit
Selecting the best gas fire pit can be difficult as in various ways to a lot of the criteria or subjective. All models are not the same design. Their build quality and features can make one model stand out from another one. When selecting the best fire pit, though, there are some essential things you need to have in your mind.

1) Design and Size

Fire pits are available in the market with different sizes and styles. The design and size are more of a personal preference than anything else. If you want a perfect fire pit for your backyard, you should choose one that will be pleasing to the eyes. The gas fire pit comes in various sizes and shapes. The style and design can help simply to be the choice of elegance or function.

If it’s to be used in the backyard, will it be pleasing to the eye, as a source of heat? Gas fire pits will usually be made from stone or metal. Faux-brick or wooden effect finish can be used to make the metal casings attractive. Those style as the table look elegant and gives extra table space when entertaining. Plus, they keep the gas bottle hidden safe and away.

Concerning size, you also have to consider just the physical footprint the firepit will have, but the bright space required around it. People have to sit around or near the fire pit, without being so close that they get burned. Some yards are small to have a fire pit.

2) Mobility / Portability

Portable gas fire pits are best for moving around your yard or patio and quickly be taken on camping weekends. If you intend to use the propane fire pit on the go, ensure you select one which is both lightweight and compact. Remember that you will have to fit a gas propane tank in the trunk.

Gas is the perfect choice over wood as a fuel, being less likely to result in a campsite or forest fire. Some campsites, however, you may have a complete an on all open flames. Check their regulations before you light up!

3) Heat Output (BTUs)

When you wander into a hardware store for gas fire pit, you will be bombarded with the number of BTUs each pit offers. The British thermal unit or BTUs is a measurement of how much gas you use but usually means the higher heat output.

As a reference point, high-end grills feature burners around the 25000 BTU mark. This gas fire pit provides 40,000 BTUs or more is the best starting point. Gas fire pit needs to heat a larger area, but you don’t need to toast your guests.

4) Ignition System

One important thing to see is how you need to ignite or turn on your gas fire pit. The ignition can affect both safety and convenience.

There are three different ignition systems to select from.

  • Matchlight Ignition

The basic form of ignition tends to be an old match system, found, or many of the inexpensive burners. The gas shut-off valve is manually controlled with the key that allows flowing to the heater. Then you manually light the stove with the match or some form of oven lighter, merely turning off the valve when finished.

  • Spark Ignition

The modern system is the spark, or piezo ignition system, similar to those found on most gas grills. A small push button that will send a manual spark to the surface of your burner that ignites the gas.

  • Electric Ignition

Usually, the electronic ignition found on high-end gas fire pits that allow for an easy flick of a switch. Some of the firepits can even be operated by remote control and some manually for convenience. Most electronic ignitions use the battery power that eliminates the need for an external power source.

5) Safety Features

As fire pits have more popular, so have the number of injuries caused by them. At least 5300 injuries related to a fire pit or other outdoor were treated at the emergency room across the US. You should try to check that your gas fire pit has certified as safe by an independent product safety certification company.

A UL listing will assure you that your needs will withstand outdoor elements and other potential dangers. If burners use external propane tanks that ensure the hose is long enough for safe storage of the container. If the fire pit is designed to fill with the decorative logs that provide, there is a mesh covering to prevent the nozzles blocking.

6) Tank Size

The size of the burning ring will determine what size of the propane tank connect with the fire pit you need. Most manufacturers will specify a standard 20-pound tank, with the most massive compatible ring being 20 inches in diameter. Larger rings will need gas supply from a larger container or natural gas.

If you need a flame that burns brighter and seen even in daylight, liquid propane is the best choice. There are no installation costs associated with natural gas, as you don’t have to hire a certified gas installer. An LP tank provides you with the freedom to move the fire pit.

7) Durability and Build

Quality If the gas fire pit is going to be a your-round feature that stays out in your ground, look for long-lasting materials. Stone can be durable for the exterior, but the cover could help protect the burner and any other exterior metal parts. An excellent quality cover will allow you to use the fire pit as the table when the fire is not lit.

Stainless steel or steel will tend to last longer and offer protection from the elements. The central section closest to the flame should be made of a good quality heat-resistant metal, like aluminum, porcelain or steel.

8) Value and Price

It’s no surprise that some gas firepits can get expensive. But there are plenty of smaller, affordable models available that still offer the convenience of gas. It depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for something your friends and family can gather around at home? Or do you want a portable product for other outdoor adventures? Portable gas fire pits will offer versatility and more value.

Nothing can stop you from setting it up on your deck at home. Models that use natural gas are costly. However, many propane models can be converted. As you are less likely to be moving a natural gas fire pit, it may worth spending that extra for one that is more durable. The installation of the gas line also is expensive, although natural gas is likely to be much cheaper than propane refills in the long run.

9) Warranty

Mostly gas fire pits will come with the standard one-year warranty. Provides used and installed correctly, the manufacturer will service any faults under warranty. You can offer a contact manufacturer directly to check if the burner unit has extended warranty available.

Our Best Pickups of Best Gas Fire Pit

  • Outland Firebowl gas fire pit with cover – premium outdoor fire pit
  • Heininger portable propane fire pit – portable outdoor gas fire pit
  • Outland table with campfire gas fireplace table
  • Blue Rhino Gas Fire Pit with Blue Fireglass
  • Christopher knight gas fire pit
  • AZ patio heaters gas fire pit
  • Best Choice Products outdoor Gas fire pit
  • Best Choice Products with 40,000 BTUs
  • Endless Summer LP Gas fire pit
  • Elementi Manhattan cast concrete

1. Outland Firebowl Gas Fire Pit With Cover – Premium Outdoor Fire Pit

Portable Propane Best Gas Fire Pit

The outland fire pit is a perfect outdoor recreation; the auto-ignition fire bowl adds ambiance to outdoor activity and offers the alternative to traditional labor-intensive campfires. The 19 diameters certified fire pit is safe to use during campfire bans; you can bring the warmth and expensive of the cozy campfire with you anywhere outdoors.

The outland fire pit comes with the 58000 BTU fire bowls from high-quality steel with an enamel finish and protective powder coating for long-lasting durability. The fire pit includes stainless steel fasteners, burner, chrome knob with a rubber comfort grip, and a one-year limited warranty. The lining is committed to consumer satisfaction and safety; all fire pits are CSA approved.

Select a firepit with an accredited certification that ensures not just safety consideration but also manufacture and design standards approved through independent expert testing. The cover of the fire pit protect the premium fire bowl form outdoor elements and carry it wherever you want with the nylon straps that clip on to the underside of your fire bowl.

The standard carries bag conveniently transport and protect your premium fire bowl while keeping it completely safe. The bag top-loading design with the loop handles and handgrip makes it easy to carry. The fire pit comes with the natural gas conversion kit 785 easily and quickly with the complex CSA approved natural gas conversion kit.
The kit includes all necessary parts as well as an instruction manual. You can transform your unsightly 20lb or 5-gallon gas tank into the functional tabletop, that keeps it protected a clean form the outdoor elements.

Features of Outland Best Gas Fire Pit

  • Now you can enjoy the clean, realistic propane campfire with the perfect outdoor centerpiece for RV travels, tailgating, camping get-togethers on the backyard patio.
  • Its portable and lightweight fire pit that is easy to install in some minutes without any tool. The matchless auto-ignition system ensures the smokeless and clean flame with a cozy warm evening ambiance.
  • The fire pit is CSA approved, so it’s safe to use during the campfire, so check with the current fire campground and forested areas with the easy to use fire option.
  • The firepit comes with the carry kit and covers, the pre-attached 10-feet hose that keeps your standard propane tank cylinder safely out of sight, with the chrome valve know for varying flame height and natural lava rock set designed to enhance the effect.
  • The high-quality stainless steel construction with the protective enamel finish for longevity contemporary and fasteners decorative belt. So you can create a perfect ambiance to share quality time.


Specifications of Outland Best Gas Fire Pit

Specifications Values
product dimensions19 x 19 x 11 inches
product weight 22 lbs
Ignition Type Manual
Burner TypeStandard
ManufacturerOutland living

Outland Best Gas Fire Pit


  • Perfect no mess campfire
  • Accessible to transport and compact
  • Quickly beat the campfire ban
  • Comes with carrying kit, cover 10-ft hose, 20-lb propane tank, and CSA approved
  • High-quality stainless steel construction and stainless steel burner
  • Chrome valve knob and natural lava rocks
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Enamel coating can chip
  • Easily exposed steel could rust

2. Heininger Portable Propane Fire Pit – Portable Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Propane Outdoor best gas Fire Pit

Having round played with chimeneas, I was searching for something compact. Something I could comfortably put in trunk for a weekend fishing trip or late-night football game. A portable gas fire pit like heining would be the best gas fire pit. It’s enough for a small family.

Something is satisfying and primal about sitting around an open fire, watching the flame dancing while you enjoy the company of your friends. The destination Gear fire pit makes that experience more enjoyable since you want firewood, patience, and fire-building skills. Simply hook the fire pit to a tank and fire it up. Without any muss and fuss.

The fire pit is smokeless and burns clean you won’t need to shift position when the wind changes or make lame jokes about smoke follows beauty. You enjoy fire-gazing, fun in the company of your friends. The portable propane fire pit can produce up to 58000 BTUs so that it will work smokeless. It comes complete in 19-inches all-weather fire pit that is easy to carry and light, the propane hose, and decorative rocks.

The aesthetically pleasing makes the portable fire pit centerpiece for your fun, bringing warmth and beauty to every occasion anywhere includes your backyard. Easily stowed in the vehicle for rapid deployment for instant parties!
It’s easy to pick and carry to your campsite at just 22 pounds in weight.

With the 19-inches diameter standing and bowl over a foot tall, it’s quite easy to place or store in the trunk of the car. The lightweight makes it perfect for moving around your yard when the party moves from the house. The fire pit is easy to carry in your arms for parties down the street.

Features of Heininger

  • Best for backyards, camping, tailgating or patio
  • The fire pit can easily burn up to 5800 BTUs and burn smokeless and clean flame
  • Its CSA approved, so it’s safe to use during the campfire bans, check wit the current fire restrictions in your area.
  • The fire pit comes with 19-inches in black color, the portable and lightweight features allow you to move it easily anywhere you want.

Specifications of Heininger

Product dimensions19 x 19 x 11 inches
Product weight 22 pounds
Brand Heininger



  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • Copper design and stunning bronze
  • Enough compact to stow in your trunk
  • The sturdy stand also doubles a handle
  • The 10-foot hose allows the tank to be tucked safely away
  • The metal base ring never gets hot


  • A tight-fitting lid for transportation costs extra
  • The manual ignition system can be a chore
  • Some users said flame don’t burn as high

3. Outland Table With Campfire Gas Fireplace Table

best Gas Fire Pit Table

If you want to enjoy warmth and elegance of the 35,000 BTU high-quality fire pit table in any outdoor living space around all the year, the outland is the percent choice that gives your garden and backyard a more classy look.
So, admire the reflection fo the dancing place on the ice fire glass and black tempered glass tabletop while keeping them cozy and warm within the heating radius of the impressive outdoor centerpiece. The durable quality ensures product longevity; resin wicker and aluminum frames are rust and weather resistant.

Relax, sit pack, and enjoy the time together with your friends and family with the perfect gas firepit addition to a backyard, deck, patio, or poolside. The bottom is made of non-combustible surfaces; the top is 80 inches, side 36 inches. However, it’s a perfect fire pit for parties or family functions.

Features of Outland

  • The output 35,000 BTU propane fire table with the auto-ignition that gives a smokeless and clean flame.
  • The fire pit is CSA approved and much safe for use during the flame fire bans that offers effortless lighting and adjustment.
  • It includes integrated 3ft cell hose with regulator, stainless steel burner, and 15 lb arctic ice.
  • The fire pit table features Aluminum frame construction base, powder-coated, coffee color resin wicker, and tempered glass table.

Specifications of Outland

Specifications Values
Product dimensions44 x 32 x 23 inches
Product weight96 pounds
Manufacturers Outland Living



  • Automatic ignition system
  • UV, water-resistant, weather-resistant and heat-resistant firebox
  • Highly safety standards
  • Pre-attached 3-ft hose and 20-ft propane tank storage
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Protective sheet
  • Resin wicker base, elegant and convenient design


  • The box is fairly heavy
  • Sometimes delayed or interrupted auto-ignition


4. Blue Rhino Gas Fire Pit with Blue Fireglass

Propane Gas Fire Pit Table to buy

Maybe you wish to sit outside with your loved one and enjoying a coffee. A fire pit like the Blue rhino is best for making sure the coffee is the best thing according to the situation. Although it may look like a job because you need to assemble it before use, so don’t worry, the complete instruction set is provided with the screws and tools that will need while assembling it.

However, you are putting together the bottom stand that generally takes less than one hour. The front side of the fire pit is made of the large slate piece with the burner plate placed in the middle. A gas hose is attached to the burner and includes a dial that you push to ignite the fire pit.

The bottom part of the fire pit table is made of steel, but not stainless steel with a slate top. However, it will protect and hide the propane tank, steel will rust, and the slate can wear break away. Moreover, the included plastic cover should be put over the complete table unit if you wish to keep it outside.

The fire pit is 70 pounds, and the table is not designed as a portable fire pit. However, it can easily carry a 20-pounds gas tank inside the table; it will be heavier because it comes without any wheels on the unit for mobility.

The ignition system of the fire pit under the top burner plate, stowed away in the propane tank storage compartment, is a piezo ignition and safety valve. It’s quite easy to set the fire pit turning to the dial and pressing in the dial to ignite. At least it should be some owners have reported the piezo ignition sometimes need manual lighting with the matches.

Features of Blue Rhino

  • The fire pit comes with the 30,000 BTUs that are enough to keep a couple of your warm but won’t cover many areas away from the table.
  • The safety valve ensures the user to offer and control protection in the event of the breakdown because the piezo ignition system is safer.
  • The size of the propane tank is 20-pound; you can easily hold the tank under the table.

Specifications of Blue Rhino

Product dimension
32 x 32 x 9 inches
Product weight 67 pounds
Manufacturer Endless Summer

Blue Rhino


  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • The unit height is ideal to have a nice view of the table.
  • Beautiful flame accents produced by the blue fire glass
  • It’s quite easy to operate
  • The propane tank is completely hidden under the table
  • 30,000 BTU burner won’t eat much
  • It comes with a plastic waterproof cover that protects from the elements.


  • Temperamental piezo ignition system
  • The warmth does not have too much each
  • No cover the burner that could enable use as a table

5. Christopher knight Gas Fire Pit

Propane gas Fire Pit With, Stone

It’s not about camping; sometimes, you need a fire pit that fits the style of your backyard. No wooden aluminum effects, no fancy glass, only a stone finish that blends correctly on your patio. The Crawford propane fire pit forms the Christopher knight home will look as its specially built for your home.

You can easily set up the fire pit without the need of any tool.the square base that stores the gas tank has been constructed form the bricks and blocks made with the magnesium oxide and steel.

The top and bottom of the fire pit have streamlined with the grey steel for elegance. At the center of the pit, there is a burner that is converted with the lava rocks for effect. The smart control panel line on the exterior underneath the surface with full instructions.


The push-button, battery-operated, electric ignition system is reliable and quite easy to use. The ignition button, large chrome-plated that allows you to control the intensity of the size and heat of the flame. Both the control valve and ignition are easy to reach on the outside of the brick construction. It’s quicker than having the hidden door every time you should alert the heat and flame setting.

For the home-built, it’s a perfect choice for, and it comes already assembled, so no need to waste your time in assembling. An intuitive design made form the durable materials offers heating output for guests seated around it.

Features of Christopher Knight

  • The burner storage compartment is big enough that 20-pound propane tank can easily fit in it
  • The output of the fire pit is 40,000 that keeps those seated around it warm.
  • The materials that are used for the fire pit are steel and magnesium, with the stone finish color and leg color is brown
  • No need to assemble, it’s a great addition to patio, with the inclusive seating possibilities.

Specifications of Christopher Knight

Item Dimensions
32 x 32 x 24 inches
Product weight155 pounds
ManufacturersChristoper knight
Leg colorBrown
Center color Stone Finish
Output 40,000 BTUs

Christopher Knight


  • Easily heat fo 40,000 BTUs
  • Comfortably run for up to 20 hours on a single gas tank.
  • The unique and attractive design will enhance the traditional patio.
  • Easy to use with instructions on the side of the fire pit.


  • No windshield, with a flame, can easily be pushed over.
  • The limited heating range that only reaches smaller places
  • Without tabletop cover


6. AZ Patio Heaters Gas Fire Pit

Propane Fire Pit

Selecting something that comfortably matches your patio can be hard. The antique bronze finish of the gas fire pit will look elegant on almost patio or deck. When the cool days come, don’t stop your favorite outdoor activities.

Because we come with the 28 tall and 38 square wide tabletop fire pit that makes a perfect complement to any patio setting. The ignition system and ignites 40,000 BTU output that easily warms 15 radios to keep you all cozy and warm on those chilly evenings. The fire pit includes glass beads. Service and parts are always here so you can enjoy the fire pit for many years of pleasure.

Patios are the best way to extend our homes to outdoor. During the summer season, the patio is the best place to enjoy evenings under the stars to relax with your favorite people. Patio heats allow you to extend the life of your outdoor space to 9 to 12 months well it depends on the location.

Enjoy the winter nights with the use of a patio heater will remind you of why you like your backyard. As you look around at your favorite restaurant, you are sure to see these best products that keep the outdoor seating area comfortable and open for guests.

The AZ heater blends nicely with your wooden or wicker patio furniture. A battery-operated pulse ignition system provides you a way to gas that emits up to 40,000 BTUs heat. You can clear the fire glass cover and add a touch of elegance.

Features of AZ patio

  • Now improved packaging to ensure complete and safe delivery because we think for your comfort.
  • The fire pit comes with the 38 square tabletops, 28 inches tall and 19 inches square lid with the 17 inches square burn are so that you can enjoy your winter evenings.
  • The integrated battery ignition system provides you more comfort and uses fiberglass of 3/4-inch diameters.
  • AZ fire pit provides you 40,000 BTUs output with almost 15 square feet heating area.

Specifications of AZ patio

Product dimensions38 x 29 x 38 inches
Item weight105 pounds
ManufacturersAZ patio heaters

AZ Patio


  • Durable and compact
  • Comes with attractive antique bronze finish
  • Easy access doors for stowing propane tank
  • Insert table cover included


  • No stand cover so steel may rust instantly
  • Stain-resistant and not good for all-weather

7. Best Choice Products Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Best Propane Fire Pit Table

If you want to enjoy your outdoor winter evenings with your family and friends. The best Choice fire pit is the best option that gives you a cozy and warm feeling while enjoying outdoor activities. 50,000 BTUs outdoor patio rustic wood finish propane fire pit comes with lava rocks and resistant pit cover.

It’s the side table and table combo fire pit; the BCP outdoor Gas fire pit has natural, rustic wood appear that complements outdoor space. It’s the perfect way to keep guests on a cool evening. The fire pit table is spacious enough to serve as a patio table during the day. As the temperature dips, you just remove the burner lid centerpiece, attach your 20 lb gas tank, and push the ignition button. With the 50,000 BTUs, it compares to the best outdoor gas fire pit.

However, the ignition doesn’t work on the initial try. Due to its built-in safety feature, the BCP fire table shuts off automatically to prevent overheating. You may leave to go inside and come back to your patio.

Another problem is that the paint finishes on the exterior. An extra can touch up paint is included with buying, but the exterior can get comfortably scratched or scuffed. The blend of the steel makes it more lightweight, but the surface scratches easily.

Features of Best Choice

  • It can conveniently hold food, drinks, doubles as storage for the propane tank. you can place the propane tank under the side table.
  • The fire pit is ideal for gathering with your favorite people for good conversation, warmth, roasting, and making smores; it makes for an outdoor centerpiece.
  • The fire pit is easy to use; turn the knob to make flames that radiate brightly against the lava rocks to provides an ambiance.
  • The fire pit is an elegant, simple, rectangular design made of cast wood and sturdy steel with a natural wood finish to look more elegant in your garden.
  • The traditional fire pit table farmhouse stab-style design adds rusts to any outdoor area with the built-in side handles to move easily.

Specifications of Best Choice

Product dimensions
48 x 8 27 x 13 inches
Manufacturers Best Choice
Output 50,000 BTUs

Best Choice


  • Multifunctional side table with tank storage
  • A perfect choice for entertaining
  • Simple and easy to use
  • High-quality composition
  • Cozy space with heating up to 50,000 BTU
  • Enhance flame appearance with lava rocks
  • Weather protection cover from sun and rain


  • Difficult to move because its much heavy
  • Battery ignition system does not work well


8. Best Choice Products with 40,000 BTUs

Best Choice Propane Fire Pit Table

If you want to enjoy your evenings with your family and friends and need a small elegant fire pit, so best choice fire pit is one of the perfect choices. You can use this fire pit whenever you want, and at any place, it will enhance the beauty of your garden or backyard.

The output of this fire pit 40,000 BTUs square backyard poolside patio table so you can enjoy your time. The side table can hold drinks, foods, and decorations and serve as storage for the propane tanks. the tank should be placed under the table.

It’s a great product to gather your friends and family to keep them warm. You just need to turn on the knob to create the flame that brilliantly against the lava rocks to gives a pleasant environment.


A weatherproof well cover safe your form the elements and hose for the propane tank. the elegant and simple design of the firepit makes it more worthy of the particular style finish to look beautiful in a backyard setting.

Features of Best Choice

  • The fire pit comes with a side table that conveniently holds food and drinks and decoration.
  • The perfect product to keep warm, toasting marshmallows, good conversation, and best outdoor centerpiece.
  • A weatherproof well cover saves you from the elements and hose for the tank.
  • Elegant and simple square design with concrete style finishes looking beautiful in your garden.

Specifications of Best Choice

Overall dimensions
34.75 x 34.75 x 12.
Propane Tank Case15.5 x 15.5 x 20.5.
Weight 70.6 lbs.
Tank storage materialMagnesium oxide (MgO), stainless steel
Lava rock materialMagnesium oxide (MgO).
Cover materialWaterproof and weatherproof 210D Oxford fabric.
BTU 40,000

Square Propane Fire Pit Table


  • Easy to use
  • Handles for portability
  • Matching side tank and table
  • Weather-resistant cover
  • Elegant square design
  • High-quality composition
  • Traditional campfire table


  • Fragile fiberglass shell
  • Paint and color isn’t appealing
  • In short, it’s a trash product


9. Endless Summer LP Gas Fire Pit

Lp Gas Outdoor Table Top Fireplace

Now you can bring the ambiance and warmth of the fireplace to your patio, backyard, or deck with endless summer LP fireplace by the Blue Rhino.

The fire pit provided you the features of 15 decorative base and streamlined architectural detail that cleverly conceals a gas tank and control panel that makes it an attractive centerpiece for your outdoor living space.

If you want to add elegance, this unit is the best choice with the backfire glass that perfectly accents its flame. You can use it whenever you want and make your time quality time to enjoy with your family and friends.

Features of Endless

  • The fie pit provides an output of 10,000 BTUs stainless steel burner
  • Features like electronic ignition and hidden control panel
  • The unit comes with the faux stone construction and state finish
  • The package includes black fire glass without the LP tank.

Specifications of Endless

Product dimensions
11 x 11x 15 inches
Item weight 18 pounds
Manufacturers UniFlame
Batteries 1 AA

LP Gas Fire Pit


  • Lightweight and small
  • Portable with a unique design
  • 10,000 BTUs stainless steel burner
  • Electric ignition with hidden control panel
  • Faux stone construction with slate finish
  • Black fire glass also included


  • Without LP tank
  • 10,000 BTUs output doesn’t give the best amount of heat
  • The electric ignition may be damaged after constant use

10. Elementi Manhattan Cast Concrete

Elementi Manhattan Fire Pit Natural Gas

If you are searching the best fire pit for a reasonable price, the Manhattan gas fire pit is the best option. It boasts a durable body construction that offers you the features fo high performance cast concrete. The construction of the fore pit entails an excellent burner construction that features 304 stainless steel 18 gauge.

The fire pit comes with the electric ignition system with auto stuff off features. The auto starter uses a powerful AAA battery. So you can decide to use the propane or gas model. The unit gives an output of 45,000 BTUs per hour. For more quality assurance, the fire pit equipment holds CSA certification.

The boats with the laverock for the well. The fire pit dimensions ar4e 36 inches wide and 36 inches deep with 15 inches tall. The bonfire table is made of cast concrete. Electric ignition system with the auto-shutdown. You can use the propane and natural gas options available.

Features of Elementi Manhattan

  • The bonfire table is made of high-quality cast concrete that will enhance the beauty of your backyard.
  • You can use it with electric ignition and safe automatic shutdown.
  • She more heat output reaches 45000 BTUs per hour so you can enjoy a more warm feeling with your family.
  • There are two options of gas, natural gas, and propane gas, so no need to worry you can select anyone.

Specifications of Elementi Manhattan

Product dimensions
36 x 36 x 16 inches
Item weight 165 pounds
Manufacturers Ocean rock
Gas typeNatural & Propane

Elementi Manhattan


  • Efficient and great fire pit
  • Excellent quality with the perfect size for small backyards
  • Propane and natural gas
  • 45000l output BTUs
  • Not expensive


  • Not good for parties or large families


Finally, you’ll need to consider the best gas fire pit conclusions. It means for use in the decorative piece and home, or it meant merely for warmth? If the latter you want it for camping activities and need a portable best gas fire pit. You will need a model that is lightweight and easy to move or stow and quickly pulled out while being easy to use and set up.
However, it’s mainly up to subjective measures. The best thing is that it looks nice?

So the aesthetics are essential for outdoor or home gas fire pits, and selecting one isn’t as straightforward. The primary thing to consider is that it looks beautiful with your specific surroundings and decorations. You could fill a room with the furniture that seems individually lovely, but clash produces a gaudy mess.

The same applies to your backyard.

You need to consider how the best gas fire pit looks, how your back yard decorated and maintained. Is there a ground? Does the natural terrain trend toward gray, green, or some other colors? What looks grass and right may not look great on red clay, hypothetically. For this reason, the gas fire pits that come with the versatile look is best.


How Long Gas Fire Pit Last?

Most gas firepit that uses a standard 20-pound propane tank will provide up to 12 hours of warmth. However, the higher the BTUs of the burner, it will consume more gas. Using the lamp at the highest flame setting, it will reduce the runtime, with the 50,000 BTUs burners lasting four hours at the higher configurations.

How Many BTUs do You Need for Gas Fire Pit?

Naturally, more BTUs means more heating power. But how much BTUs you need depends on the size of the burner and type of the gas used. A burner with up to 20 inches in diameter offers warmth to an area with the 40,000 BTUs or more. Many of the gas fire pits use up to 60,000 BTU for a powerful heat. Any less than 40,000 BTUs means you are investing more for decoration than heating purposes.

Is the regulator Required for a Natural Gas Fire Pit?

If natural gas runs to your fire pit, it will demand to be appropriately regulated to supply the burner. How its regulated will be up to the certified gas fitter, you want to employ for the installation. You must work with the gas professional who installs a regulator based on the variables. May you hear an annoying whistling sound if the supply is regulated correctly, but importantly too much pressure can a significant fire risk.

Is it possible to put lava rock over the fire glass?

Generally, Lava rocks are much cheaper than the fire glass. For more bottomless gas fire bowls or fire pits, there's no need to use the fire glass in part below the burner. Putting the layer of the massive lava rocks at the base of the bowl can insulate the warmth of the burner. Smaller lava rocks can easily replace on the top of the lava layer to prevent fire glass from slipping through larger spaces between the rocks. However, don't try to add extra ventilation holes to the fire bowl.

How pea Gravel explode in the fire pit?

Rock comes with various types to explore, especially if they are wet or porous. Trapped air and water in a foundation will turn into the steam when placed near a fire, and pressure may cause them to explode. Experts would agree that you shouldn't use the porous rocks like pea gravel in fire pits. If you want the alternative filler material, the hard rock like granite, marble, or stable is a good choice. They are denser and less likely to absorb water and break apart to explode. Crushed stone and flagstone are less expensive materials for your pet and won't retain moisture, unlike the pea gravel.

How to increase the flame of the Gas fire pit?

Many gas fire pits come with the built-in dial that controls the height of the flames. Another way to increase the flame is to give better airflow. Make sure there's adequate space between the decorative logs, fire glass or lava rocks beads.

Can gas fire pits work continuously?

If you need an eternal flame in the backyard, you're going to need a gas fire pit that runs on natural gas. For all-night parties, they provide continuous warmth.

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