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Best Outdoor Gas Fire Pit for Your Backyard or Patio

It’s not difficult to find why gas fire pits are becoming popular. That’s because the best outdoor gas fire pit does not just produce a clean flame without the smoke that the wood firepit makes, but they are relatively easy to maintain. All that needed to work is the best gas source and space in the backyard, garden, or patio to enjoy their dancing flames.

Making an area that feels like a retreat is easier sometimes said than done. But there is a simple addition that can quickly transform your backyard into an escape. No other outdoor accessory makes the magical time together like gathering a spot for roasting marshmallows, cooking your favorite food, or watching the dancing flames.

When we talk about purchasing one of the best outdoor gas fire pits, finding a suitable one can be challenging. However, it’s because they come in various elegant styles. There is various fire pits design that caters to multiple tastes and provides space for the best outdoor gas fire pit. Some customers love, and top-rated firepits come with built-in features that boost function and safety. In our top pick-up list, we found affordable options that make dreamy backyard updates a reality.

Our Top Pick up of Best Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Editors choice Editors choice

Hiland AFP_TTR tile top fire pit

  • Dimensions:33 x 33 x 9 in
  • Weight:20 pounds
  • Style:Round Tile Fire Pit
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Portable Portable

Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit With Cover & Carry Kit, 19 Inch Diameter 58,000 Btu Auto Ignition

  • Dimensions:19 x 19 x 11 in
  • Weight:22 pounds
  • Material:Alloy Steel
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Durable Durable

Newcatle propane firebowl

  • Dimensions:19.49 x 19.49 x 29.13 in
  • Weight:44 pounds
  • Material:Alloy Steel
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CSA Approved CSA Approved

outdoor garden firepit

  • Dimensions:35 x 35 x 10 in
  • Weight:8.9 pounds
  • Material:Ceramic
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Weather Resistant Weather Resistant

Serenelife outdoor fire pit

  • Dimensions:28 x 28 x 24.5 in
  • Weight:55 pounds
  • Material:Stainless Steel
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Stylish Design Stylish Design

peaktop round propane gas fire pit

  • Dimensions:28 x 28 x 9.05 in
  • Weight:48.5 pounds
  • Material:Concrete
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Protective Cover Protective Cover

grain printed mantel LP gas patio firepit

  • Dimensions:30 x 30 x 24.02 in
  • Weight:52 pounds
  • Material:Alloy Steel
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Electric Starter Electric Starter

hanie design piller column propane gas fire pit

  • Dimensions:33.46 x 33.46 x 29.92 in
  • Weight:29.76 pounds
  • Material:Ceramic
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Auto Ignition Auto Ignition

tile top square propane fire pitset

  • Finish type:Stainless steel
  • Weight:131 pounds
  • Material:Ceramic
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1. Hiland Tile Top Gas Firepit

Hiland AFP_TTR tile top fire pit

If you need an elegant and high-quality firepit in winter to comfortably enjoy family get-togethers and make some beautiful memories with your loved ones, so Hiland is the best option. The firepit has an az heater to provide warmth. The shape of the unit is around that blends beautifully with the outdoor seating area.

Moreover, the solid steel construction is durable, and the black finish provides a rustic look that suits outdoor living. A battery-operated pulse ignition that emits 40,000 BTU of heat. Additionally, the glass covers the burner and adds a touch of elegance to make it more attractive.

The easy access door is located at the base that allows you to conceal a 20lb. Hence, the unit comes with a thermocouple flame failure device. Overall, the unit is the right choice when you want to enjoy quality time with your family.

Features of Hiland

  • Battery operated pulse ignition that emits up to 40,000 BTUs of heat
  • Add a touch of elegance with clear fire glass covers
  • An easy-access door base allows you to conceal 20 lbs.
  • Firepit comes with a thermocouple flame failure device with added safety

Specifications of Hiland

Product Dimensions 33 x 33 x 9 inches
Item Weight 84.8 pounds
Manufacturer AZ Patio Heaters
Color Black

Hilsland Tile Top Gas Firepit


  • Blends beautifully with outdoor seating area
  • Incredibly durable
  • Rustic look with black finished
  • Battery operated pulse ignition
  • Clear fire glass covers
  • Compact and durable


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Bit heavy

2. Outland Fire bowl Gas Firepit

Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

If you’re a camping lover and want to enjoy your weekends with your family in the cold season. You will need a fire pit that warms you while enjoying cold evenings. So, Outland is the best option for outdoor enjoyment. The standard outland fire bowl adds ambiance to outdoor activity and provides an easy alternative to traditional labor campfires, perfect for outdoor recreation.

The firepit is safe to use; you can bring warmth and enjoy the cozy fire pit anywhere outdoors. The unit comes with a 58,000 BTU fire bowl constructed from high-quality steel with powder coating and enamel finish for long-lasting durability. This Best Outdoor Gas Fire Pit comes with stainless steel burner features, a chrome knob with rubber comfort grip, and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The firepit is CSA approved with an accredited certification, which ensures safety has been considered, but the manufacturing standards have been approved through testing. However, it’s the best choice to enjoy winter with your family and friends.

Features of Outland

  • High quality, durable construction with protective powder coating
  • Enamel finish for dependable longevity
  • This fire bowl is portable and lightweight, and relatively easy to set up in minutes without any tool
  • It comes with fasteners and a superior stainless steel burner with 58000 BTU
  • The fire pit is safe to use during campfire, and the Propane tank size is 20 lb, almost 5 gallons
  • Chrome valve knob offers easily adjustable flame height
  • Natural lava rocks to enhance the flickering effect of fire

Specifications of Outland

Burner 58,000 BTU
Brand Outland Living
Material Steel
Item Dimensions 19 x 19 x 11 inches
Item Weight 22 Pounds

Outland Fire bowl Gas Firepit


  • High quality steel construction
  • Stainless steel burner with an output of 58,000 BTU
  • Knob offers easily adjustable flame height
  • Natural lava rocks
  • Cover and carry kit
  • Natural gas conversion kit 780
  • Propane tank cover
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Not found yet

3. Bond Newcastle Gas Fire Bowl

Newcatle propane firebowl

Light up the night and entertain your family and guests with ease beside the attractive Newcastle 20lb. Constructed of UV-resistant and lightweight Envirothon, the piece will give years of beauty and warmth to the outdoor living area. Sit by the fire and enjoy the outdoor as you gaze evening sky on winter nights. The gas fire bowl will become the main attraction during social gatherings and friend’s get-togethers.

The stacked stone looks handcrafted flair to the stunning fire column and blends well with various backyard décor styles. The outdoor firepit comes with a 40,000 BTU heat output that gives powerful warmth and gentle light to the outdoor area. Moreover, the precoat coating system superior protection against UV lights, and salt to prevent cracking and extreme temperature, chipping and fading.

The ignition and convenient control knob of Best Outdoor Gas Fire Pit allow for easy adjustment, lighting, and extinguishing of a flame. The natural new rocks are also included to add an earthy touch and tastefully conceal the burner. So, it’s the best outdoor propane fire pit when you want to enjoy yourself with your family.

Features of Bond

  • The stacked stone look adds handcrafted flair to the stunning fire column and blends well with the backyard décor style
  • ProCoat coating system’s protection and adhesion guard unit against UV light
  • Construction of lightweight and durable Envirostone, a weather-resistant and UV material for lasting outdoor use
  • The unit is fueled by a 20 lb propane tank concealed in an internal compartment underneath the fire bowl
  • The unit includes natural lava rocks to fill the fire bowl, adds an earthy tough, and tastefully conceals burner

Specifications of Bond

Output 40,000 BTU
Type Gas fire pit
Accessory lava rocks
Color available in various colors
Tank size 20 lb

Bond Newcastle Gas Fire bowl


  • Powerful warmth and gentle light
  • Superior protection
  • ProCoat coating system
  • Durable and lightweight
  • 20 lb propane tank
  • Clean come or odor
  • Protective cover
  • Natural lava rock


  • Few users said the unit comes with damage on arrival

4. Ehomexpert Classic Firepit Table

outdoor gas fire pit guide

This outdoor firepit has a classic square 40,000 BTU heating source. The unit is an auto-ignition propane gas firepit with a waterproof cover for a balcony garden. The company is CSA certified and has a grey color. The company is relatively easy to assemble. The size of the table is excellent, which is equipped with 9lbs lava stone and rain cover.

The Best Outdoor gas Fire Pit Provides enough hardware, instruction, and a warming card.
Made of a sturdy metal frame gives strong durability to prevent the surface from being easily damaged. The desktop is tile and easy to clean. The ignition device is combined with anti-rust stainless steel basin bottom for longer life.

The texture of the tabletop and frame echoes is harmonious and unique. The closed table body can hide propane gas, correctly affecting aesthetics. It’s the perfect addition to your backyard oasis. The unit uses propane as fuel to give stable and clean burning.

Features of Ehomexpert

  • The perfect addition to the garden, terrace, backyard, and courtyard
  • CSA certified burner has an adjustable heater and burns 40,000 BTU
  • Uses gas to support clean and stable burning, eco-friendly and safety
  • Rust-free stainless steel basin bottom for longer life
  • Flame gives a natural look by uniting together form a ring

Specifications of Ehomexpert

Heat Output: 40,000 BTU
Dark grey
MaterialSteel frame, HDPE tabletop
Overall Dimension31.77"W*31.77"D*23.62"H
Net Weight62.39 lbs
Heat Output40,000 BTU

Ehomexpert Classic Firepit Table


  • CSA approved
  • The perfect addition to the backyard
  • Easy adjustment of flame
  • Simple switching control
  • Anti-rust basin bottom
  • Provides natural look
  • Eco-friendly unit


  • Difficult to assemble

5. Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table

Serenelife outdoor fire pit

When you want to enjoy yourself with your family in winter, outdoor activities are the best option. In winter, a fire pit or fire table is the best option to protect you from seasonal problems by warming you. The outdoor gas fire table is the right choice that provides you with heat to keep warm during winter. It doubles as a table in summer when you put a steel cover lid in place.

The unit is CSA-approved and completely safe and can generate up to 40,000 BTU by using liquid propane fuel for clean and stable combustion, so there’s no smoke or ash to protect your health.
The firepit base hides away the 20 bs propane tank, which is not included in the package. The tank is equipped with a metal and door base to put a propane tank in and out quickly.

The sturdy weather-resistant outdoor propane gas is made of heavy-duty metal construction material for the long term and durability to protect it from UV rays, dust, and rain. The Best Outdoor Propane Fire Pit is not easy to assemble. You’ll need a professional to set up. However, you can easily use it on your patio or anywhere you want. It’s a good option.

Features of Outdoor

  • It comes with a fire pit lid to provide more protection
  • Assembled gas hose regulator
  • The valve knob provide adjustable flame height
  • Perfectly sturdy metal gas fire pit
  • Stainless steel control panel with 40,000 BTU burner
  • For durability and long term use, a sturdy metal
  • Easy to assemble with two persons in just a few minutes
  • Completely safe and CSA approved

Specifications of Outdoor

Construction MaterialMetal +201 SS Fire Pan
Heat Output40,000 BTU
Ignition Type Pulse
Propane Tank Weight 20lbs. (Not Included)
Metal CoverMetal and PVC Cover
Primary Fuel TypeLiquid Propane
Regulator Valve with Gas Hose Length
19.7'' -inches (500mm)
Weight55 lbs.
Product Dimension 28'' x 28'' x 24.5'' -inches

Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table


  • Gas hose regulator
  • Adjustable flame by valve knob
  • Construction with weather-resistant
  • Sturdy metal for durability
  • CSA certified and safe
  • With fire pit cover lid


  • Hard to assemble

6. Peaktop Round Gas Firepit

peaktop round propane gas fire pit

You can enjoy the warm glow of the classic rustic style with a stone brick effecting gas fire pit. It comes with complete 40,000 BTU stainless steel integrated ignition; you can enjoy stable and ash-free green burning without the mess. The classic round fire table brings the rustic country style to your patio, porch, and garden.

It’s a perfect addition to family and friends gathering in a natural space or backyard. The waterproof outer cover includes keeping clean when not in use and stable, and robust base construction prevents damage and cracking, also offers durability and impressive strength.

The 71cm round firepit uses propane gas (only propane gas bottles) to give stable and ash-free green burning. The output heat is 40,000 BTU. The unit comes with 3 meters, a natural lava rock set, a 10 ft gas hose, and a PVC protection cover. Hence, the company is the best set for large families to enjoy the cold evenings.

Features of Peaktop

  • Classic round fire table brings rustic country style to porch, patio, and garden.
  • Stable and robust base construction prevents damaging and cracking and also offers impressive durability and strength
  • 71 cm round fire pit uses gas to provide ash-free and stable burning
  • Uses propane gas bottles only and heat output is 40,000
  • The fire pit includes a 10 ft gas hose, 3 kg natural lava rock set, and PVC protective cover

Specifications of Peaktop

Item Dimensions
28 x 28 x 9 inches
Product weight 48 pounds
Color Gray
Shape Round

Peaktop Round Gas Firepit


  • Stylish design
  • Strong and durable
  • The output is 40,000 BTU
  • 3 kg natural lava rock set
  • PVC protection cover


  • Stones have cracks

7. Uniflame Square Gas Patio Firepit

LP gas patio firepit

Bring the ambiance and warmth of a fireplace to your deck, backyard, and patio with the endless gas outdoor fire pit. The unit includes the features of a stylish base and simulated weathered grain that conceals the propane tank and comfortably controls the panel, making it an attractive centerpiece for outdoor living space.

The unit has a 30,000 BTU stainless steel burner; you can enjoy the ambiance of a classic fire without the mess of tending ashes. Moreover, it has a protective cover, lava rocks, and a one-year warranty. The Uniflame fire pit features a piezo ignition stainless steel burner. The weight of the unit is 52 lbs with the back color. Overall, it’s an excellent product to enjoy your winter with your family.

Features of Uniflame

  • Oil rubbed bronze and black finish
  • The unit includes 75% steel, 28% Resin, and cement 11% lava rocks, 2% stainless steel
  • The unit comes with the 30,000 BTU stainless steel burner rating
  • It includes an integrated piezo ignition type

Specifications of Uniflame

Product Dimensions 30 x 30 x 24.02 inches
Item Weight
52 pounds
Manufacturer Uniflame

Uniflame Square Gas Patio Firepit


  • 30,000 BTU rating
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Lava rocks
  • Protective cover
  • One-year warranty
  • Black and oil rubber
  • Easy to put together


  • Large in size

8. Hanie Design Gas FirePit

hanie design piller column propane gas fire pit

If you have a smaller patio, you should check this Hanie Design square fire pit. This unit comes with a column design and desirable concrete finish. Additionally, It’s a perfect choice for contemporary homes, with smooth and clean lines and edges. Hence, The high-quality, smooth lines surface makes an ideal centerpiece for a living area.

The Hanie design fire pit features construction and design with a stainless-steel burner. Which offers 40,000 BTU with an 18-inch fire bowl insert for an attractive aesthetic. The faux concrete surface brings minimalist appeal. It features an outdoor living space that will comfortably transform the patio into a relaxing outdoor.

Features of Hanie

  • High-quality clean lines and smooth surfaces create an essential centerpiece for an outdoor living area.
  • Mildew resistant and moisture MGO to mimic layered state stones
  • The unit includes lava rocks to provide elegant flame
  • Keep the burner clear of debris as leaves and inserts before use

Specifications of Hanie

Product Dimensions
16.54 x 16.54 x 25.98 inches
Item Weight 62.1 pounds
Color Grey
Manufacturer Hanie Design

Hanie Design Gas FirePit


  • Durable and strength
  • The modern and minimalist appeal
  • Square design with 16-inch tabletop and 26-inch height
  • Lava rocks and 18-inch fire bowl
  • Electric starter


  • Not found yet


9. Leisure Classic Harbor Gas Firepit

tile top square propane fire pitset

If you want to enjoy cold weather protectively at outdoor camping or in your garden, so the firepit is the best choice to provide you with a warm experience. The Leisure classic outdoor fire pit has CSA certification with the auto-ignition that offers 40,000 BTU heating. This unit uses propane gas to provide a clean and stable burning. You can enjoy it more quickly because there’s no smoke to plague, or it will not pollute the environment.

You can use this tabletop as a standard table when you’re not using a fire pit. The fire pit’s shape is round, and the frame tabletop is a fence style that quickly makes it harmonious looking. You can place the gas tank inside the tabletop, so it will not look messy. The unit is a perfect addition to your home.

Features of Leisure

  • Stainless steel burner with 50,000 BTUs
  • Utilizes a standard 20-pound liquid gas tank that fits inside
  • The unit comes with a five-piece fire pit set that features four resin tile tops and wicker chairs fire pit
  • For easy accessibility, convenient push-button
  • Natural ceramic tile top for durability
  • For storage, four resin wicker chairs stack easily

Specifications of Leisure

Piece 5
Rating 50,000 BTU
Shape Square
Brand Leisure Classic
Wicker chairs 4

Leisure Classic Harbor Gas Firepit


  • High-quality fire pit chair set
  • Auto-ignition
  • Waterproof cover
  • Plastic tabletop


  • Difficult to assemble

10. Ehomexpert Gas Firepit Table

round auto ingition propane gas firepit

The propane fire pit tabletop can place drinks and snacks, and it’s best for family gatherings to give you a nice ambiance. It’s a decorative piece for the backyard garden. The fire pit has auto-ignition, and CSA certification could offer 40,000 BTU heating. It uses propane gas as fuel to provide a clean and stable burning. So, there’s no smoke to plague you.

The firepit table is round, and its frame is fence style making looking harmonious. The closed table body hides the propane tank perfectly without affecting aesthetics. The fashion appearance is matched with furniture.
Its sturdy metal frame gives strong durability and also prevents the surface from being damaged.

Tile table for easy to clean and ignition device is combined with anti-rust stainless steel basin bottom for longer life. The size of the fire pit is massive and large so the assembly will require two people.

Features of Ehomexpert

  • The stainless steel burner has an adjustable heater and burns 40,000 BTU
  • Eco-friendly Propane gas to support clean and stable burning
  • For easy adjustment of flame and simple switching control panel is attached with the unit
  • Flame unites together from the ring and provides a natural look

Specifications of Ehomexpert

MaterialSteel frame, tile tabletop
Overall Dimension
Net Weight
62.39 lbs
Heat Output40,000 BTU

Ehomexpert Gas Firepit Table


  • You can use the fire table for multiple tasks
  • Eco-friendly and safety
  • Unique round shape elegant appearance
  • The sturdy metal frame gives durability
  • Ignition device is combined with anti-rust stainless steel basin for longer life
  • Easy to clean


  • Heavy fire pit
  • It requires special installation
  • Difficult to assemble

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

All models are not designed the same. Their build quality and additional features can make one unit stand out from another one. When selecting the best outdoor gas fire pit, there’re some important things you must need to have in mind.

Design and Size

These units come in various sizes and styles when it comes to the overall design. It’s a personal preference more than anything else. If you need the best outdoor gas fire pit for your backyard, you just need to select one that will be pleasing to the eye.

Something that adds a décor touch to your backyard when it blends with the décor. Firepit designed as table took not elegant but gave extra table space when holding parties or entertaining guests so size should be an essential factor to consider.

Heat Output

The firepit’s heat output is measured in BTUs, which measures how many gases are used. The best outdoor fire pit should have at least 40,000 BTUs. A good model should be able to heat a large area. To know about this you can read a guide on how hot a fire pit gets.

Ignition System

How do you want to ignite a gas fire pit? Remember that the method you select affects both convenience and safety to make the decision wisely. Matchlight ignition is a basic form of ignition system you can easily find. Often it’s found in less expensive methods. The piezo ignition is a modern method where a small push button sends a spark to the burner’s surface, which ignites it.

Moreover, the best outdoor gas fire pit is common in various gas grills. An electronic ignition system is quite common in the high-end unit. Some fire pits operate by remote control for maximum convenience.


Make sure the firepit you select is safe to use and certified. It’s essential to check whether it comes with necessary essential safety features like an emergency shut-off valve. If the device you select uses an external gas tank, ensure that the hose is enough extended to store the tank in a safe place.


If you want to use a fire pit on the go, we recommend you go for a lightweight and small model that is easy to move around. However, if you plan to use it in the backyard or garden permanently, then portability should not be a key consideration.

Build Quality

You want to look for a unit designed with long-lasting materials if this pit table will stay out in your garden. Think about the firepit table’s durability because you want a unit that will last for many years without a replacement. Stone is a durable option, but stainless steel tends to last longer and offers more protection from weather elements.

Flame Control

Flame control is another benefit when you need to control the flame to fit according to your requirements. Whether it is to reduce or add, the firepit you select should allow for the same so that you enjoy yourself at the right flame levels of choice.

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We hope that you have selected a product in your mind that can easily purchase with our top pick-up list. Our top pick-up list of best outdoor gas fire pits has also taken into account the amount you’re willing to spend.

so there is no need to worry about your budget because we made sure to include something even for a budget-conscious person. If you want the best outdoor fire pit for your home, take note of all points we’ve included in the buyer’s guide.

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