Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace [Updated 2023] | Review & Buyer Guide

When you choose the electric wall mount fireplace, it will help to free up some space in your room by attaching it to the wall. These fireplaces are covered by glass and include safety features. The heating options of the unit help you to reduce the hazards while giving an immediate source of heat without fire hassle.

However, the LED technology in fireplaces creates a realistic wintery ambiance for snuggling up with your friends and family. In this article, you will see the best wall mount electric fireplaces that will provide some creative inspiration. The wall-mounted fireplaces are not just useful in heating rooms, but they also provide a stylish look to your home.

Hence, a wall mount electric fireplace is a no miss in any modern home. It calls little or no maintenance as compared to the conventional fireplace. Moreover, you have no need to worry about what to do with ashes or vent the gasses generated by fireplaces. You can decide to have a fire flame from roaring to soothing flames dictated by the mood in the room.

How to Install A Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

The installation of a wall mount fireplace is not complicated. In all honestly, a recessed unit is more of a challenge to install. Especially when you don’t already have a hole cut out, however, for a flush fireplace model, you will find the simple process.

Initially, measurements are the first and primary step. So, measure three times to ensure you get it right. Make sure that you have enough clearance on all sides of the heater. If you are hard-wiring the heater, you should find the route of the cables.

If the heater plugs straight in, then you need to ensure plug socket nearby. Moreover, When selecting your wall mounted fireplace, think about the length of the cord. You will need to attach a mounting bracket into the wall. Measure where the holes are on the bracket. Hence, Drill holes into the wall using measurements, where you want to bracket to sit. When secured to the wall, your flush-mounted fireplace should slot straight into brackets.

How to Mount An Electric Fireplace on Wall?

  • Locate the spot where the power outlet is nearby and is at a safe distance from flammable items
  • Assign brackets on the wall
  • Put brackets on the bottom of the fireplace as well (for some models)
  • Hang fireplace on installed brackets
  • Make sure the bottom is secured tight
  • Plugin the power cord and relish warmth

Our Top Pickup of Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Editors choice Editors choice

electric fireplace

  • Dimensions:50.4 x 5.5 x 21.65 in
  • Weight:46 pounds
  • Style:Remote Conrol
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Elegant Lookings Elegant Looking


  • Dimensions:4.81 x 13.19 x 18.13 in
  • Weight:8 pounds
  • Material:Steel, Plastic
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Multi function Multi function


  • Dimensions:27 x 8.98 x 36 in
  • Weight:66.41 pounds
  • Material:Metal
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Modern Design Modern Design

Touchstone 80004 Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

  • Dimensions:50.4 x 5.5 x 21.5 in
  • Weight:59 pounds
  • Material:Glass
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Easy to install Easy to install


  • Dimensions:8.5 x 28.9 x 23.9 in
  • Weight:48.9 pounds
  • Material:Metal
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Nice and Safe Nice and Safe


  • Dimensions:42.95 x 8.84 x 27.32 in
  • Weight:58.8 pounds
  • Style:Tempered Glass, Metal
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Adjustable Adjustable


  • Dimensions:35.04 x 8.78 x 26.99 in
  • Weight:46.74 pounds
  • Material:Western
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LED Lights LED Lights

Northwest Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

  • Dimensions:36 x 6 x 18 in
  • Weight:35.35 pounds
  • Material:Tempered Glass, Led
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Energy Efficient Energy Efficient

Home Icteric electric fireplace

  • Dimensions:30.5 x 5 x 16.75 in
  • Weight:29.5 pounds
  • Material:Alloy Steel, Glass
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1. Touchstone 80001 Onyx Electric Fireplace

electric fireplace

Achieve sophistication, elegance, and comfort through touchstone onyx wall mount electric fireplace make a statement with the great design in your room, living room, or office. Hence, You will love the comfort and warmth it brings through its fast heating temperature settings and realistic look flames. When it comes to working or functionality, this model won’t let you down.

The fireplace is a recessed wall mount unit that measures 50 inches. It offers like fife flames that set on a crystal heart or pile of faux logs. Both options are available, lying behind a contemporary black frame with durable tempered glass. It gives an appealing and cozy atmosphere of an authentic fireplace.

You can heat up to 400 square feet area that allows you to control the warmth produced through the high and low heat settings. You can set it to high heat to ease the cold and chilly days and nights during the winter seasons. If you need a chill, you can set it on low heat.

Features of Touchstone

  • Easy to install, even one person can hang it on the wall using the instructions.
  • Fireplace feature two heat settings low and high.
  • Five flame brightness settings that range from soft ember glow to full blaze
  • The realistic flames are set in a pile of faux logs or crystals that lends the homey appeal of an authentic fireplace.
  • This fireplace serves as functional décor for your office and home.
  • You can save natural gas and oil cost as the unit uses LED technology, that needs less energy to heat a room.

Specifications of Touchstone

Touchstone Home Products
Model number 80001
Item Weight 46 Pounds
Finish Types Black
Flames 5

Touchstone Electric Fireplace


  • Easy to install
  • Stunning and realistic flames
  • Equipped with the safety features
  • Modern and durable built and design
  • Five different flame brightness settings
  • Dual heat options


  • Installation nails are short
  • The fan motor is a little loud
  • The heater is not outstanding
  • The blower is not silent but quiet

2. Stiebel Eltron Wall Mount Electric Fireplace


The design of the electric heater apart from rest with the beautiful sloping surface that meets the standards of modern electric heaters. If you are eager to get a hands-on heater that presents slightly appeal to indoors. It could be right up the alley. The unit got a built-in thermostat and quiet operation. It’s quite useful to sleep without a care.

However, if you are not on huge space-saving but want cuteness and comfort at best, this would serve you well. The design of the unit is elegant. The unit provides you free reign to control the temperature according to company claims. It could be put in bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, and other areas which could be well with the quick heating.

Moreover, the timer maximizes heat for 60 minutes straight to speedily heat room and gradually revert to an average pace. You can easily install the unit. Hence, it’s a bundle of smart solutions housed all one device, which makes it close to perfection.

Features of Stiebel

  • The unit comes with the surface mount unique design
  • Quality construction makes it the best choice
  • Easy to operate
  • For maximum comfort Built-in thermostat
  • Provides high-quality performance

Specifications of Stiebel

Manufacturer Stiebel Eltron
Package Dimensions 20.08 x 15.35 x 6.3 inches
Material Plastic, Steel
Power Source Electric
Wattage 2000 watts

Stiebel Electric Fireplace


  • Built-in thermostat
  • Elegant looking
  • Booster timer
  • Sturdy and High quality
  • Heats efficiently and quickly
  • Modern looking
  • Convenient off and on the switch


  • Not space saving
  • Cabel is located at the top where remains visible looks ugly

3. R.W.FLAME Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

top 10 best wall mount electric fireplace

The R.W.Flame electric fireplace is the best choice for those fireplaces that have a large opening. A convenient touchpad on the front of the panel controls the hating range of the unit. Moreover, the five separate sets of colors on the burning logs and fireplace five distinct LED flame effect setting gives an elegant look to the unit.

A fantastic automatic feature will scroll and change the colors automatically to enhance the visual appeal of the model. However, The remote can control the unit features and functions. You can off & on the unit as well as control the timer, sleep mode to take the lighting level down while generating enough heat to warm up 400 square feet space and speed of the flame effects.

Hence, the wall mount electric fireplace comes in various size options to fit your existing firebox in a significant way possible. Moreover, the unit has the feature of integrated overheating protection and a year warranty to give you tension free operation.

Features of R.W.Flame

  • Ideal product for all kinds of occasions such as office & home and easy to install
  • Multi operating modes include a touch screen on the front panel, five different flame speed modes, five brightness
  • levels, one to eight hours of timer control, and sleep mode while heating.
  • Two different heat settings and energy savings according to room and weather situation
  • Great design with two interior brick walls that enhance its beauty
  • The unit comes with all the safety features such as auto-heat kill safety to avoid superheating.

Specifications of R.W.Flame

Flame and Burning logs Colors Modes5
DesignSpecial Automatic Color Change
Dimmer 5 levels of brightness
Sleep modeAll lights down while heating
Remote Control8m operating distance

R.W.FLAME Fireplace


  • Multi-size options
  • Integrated overheating protection
  • Multi-function remote control
  • Five different log and flame effects


  • Flame effect motor is noisy
  • Always touch screen display stays on
  • Heating capacity less than stated

4. Touchstone 80004 Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Touchstone 80004 Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Customers try to look for a wall- mount fireplace that takes after the conventional fireplace without ash and smoke. Moreover, now enjoy the comfort and warmth that comes with the elegant and modern fireplace. The touchstone sideline recessed fireplace is designed and crafted to be wall-mounted for a contemporary appearance.

The unit is adaptable that adds a touch of modern design to the home. Moreover, The unit comes with heat vents on its front. It’s a practical and functional add-on to keep the house habitable and warm. However, the touchstone sideline recessed fireplace is a package with several units that allow adjusting the preferred brilliance.

The touchstone sideline fireplace features glass crystals and fire logs for an original feel. The unit must mount at least 12 inches from the ceiling level. It efficiently operates with a 1500 wattage or 120 volts. However, the unit also features an in-built timer that allows you to turn off the unit after a pre-set time of 7.5 hours.

Features of Touchstone

  • The unit is specially created for recessed mounting in walls.
  • Two different heat settings (low and high) are perfect for all weather conditions
  • Create a cozy atmosphere of the fireplace with three color-changing realistic flames
  • Brightness setting allows you to adjust flames to your desired brilliance
  • The set includes crystals and fire logs to create an authentic feel

Specifications of Touchstone

Product Dimensions 50.4 x 5.5 x 21.5 inches
Item Weight 59 pounds
Manufacturer Touchstone Home Products, Inc.
Form Factor Wall_mounted

Touchstone Wall Mount Fireplace


  • Easy and simple installation
  • Blends into home décor
  • Give a relaxing ambiance
  • Features bright, realistic flame


  • Better with thermostat
  • Provides high-pitch sound when put on the blue light

5. e-Flame Vermont Electric Fireplace


The unit is a classic electric wall mount fireplace. It comes in a modern black color. Moreover, it’s a functional unit because it can be easily installed in a guest room, bedroom, living room, or even in the basement or RV. It will become the favorite product in your room.

The e-Flame fireplace uses a fan-forced and quick heater. It’s easy to use and customize the firelog and turn off or on the crackling sound effect. The unit is safe and provides the feature of automatic shut-off to prevent it from possible overheating.

However, the installation of the fireplace insert is easy. You can install the unit almost anywhere, such as kitchen, RV, living room, etc. make sure to install it properly and prevent overturning and overheating. Moreover, you can control the unit remotely, which makes it convenient.

Features of e-Flame

  • The design highlights the realistic wood-burning flame technology
  • The lightweight construction makes the installation convenient and easy
  • Enjoy the warm glow of flame over the year with no heat option and crackling fire sound
  • The unit provides natural warmth because exterior faces stay cool
  • Reduce electric bills using over 90% less energy than gas

Specifications of e-Flame

Product Dimensions
30.5 x 12 x 26.25 inches
Item Weight 48.9 pounds
e-Flame USA
Included Components Bulb included

e-Flame Fireplace


  • Great design
  • Easy to install
  • Five different flame colors
  • The remote control system makes it more fantastic


  • Bit pricy
  • Could heat better

6. Valuxhome Remote Control Electric Fireplace


The dimensions of the fireplace are 42 x 9 x 27 inches. The unit is quite easy to install and uninstall. Build a frame on your wall. Simple to install, which takes just 10 minutes. Moreover, there are various flame modes that the electric crackling fireplace uses.

The unit comes with features such as life-like resin ember bed and fire logs and three colors of light. The fire speaker can be turned off. Moreover, Remote and panel control helps you to control the heater from the room access. Moreover, this unit comes with three heat settings low, high, and turn off. The electric fireplace operates without or with the sound effects and heat.

Hence, the vent is located at the upper front of the unit. Heater noise can hear, but it’s not so loud. The unit gives safety features such as a timer that shuts off the model after the set period from 1 to 9 hours.

Features of Valuxhome

  • The elegant fireplace provides supplemental heat for a room up to 400 square feet.
  • The unit is quite easy to install; in just 10 to 12 minutes, you can install it.
  • Multi-flames mode, three different colors atmosphere lights, variable brightness flame can set as your favorite.
  • A timer to automatically turn off the unit and two heat options that operated with or without heat
  • Perfect design for home and office use also gives a modern look to your home

Specifications of Valuxhome

Product Dimensions 42.95 x 8.84 x 27.32 inches
Item Weight 58.8 pounds
Form Factor Wall-mounted
Manufacturer Valuxhome
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

Valuxhome Electric Fireplace


  • Flame models
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • A great heater that provides the best heating
  • Multi flame modes with log speaker
  • Modern home décor and safe design
  • A timer to auto turn off and two heat options


  • Bit costly

7. PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace


When you want to relax in your home in cozy winters and don’t want any mess at that time, you need something that provides you with a warm feeling without any hassle. So we come with the product which will provide you with the best heating experience without any mess. Hence, The PuraFlame wall mounts an electric fireplace that uses energy-saving LED lights for the flame effects.

The unit is combined with the ember bed, life-like resin logs, and three different flames with variable intensity. These things give a traditional log fire effect with elegant looks. The flame can be used without or with heat, and the insert three-sided interior brick wall design.

The unit has electronic temperature control and an adjustable thermostat that give precise control in the range of 60 to 85 F. Moreover, the unit provides supplemental heat up to 400 square feet. The unit includes a remote control feature that allows smooth operation from anywhere in the room.

Features of PuraFlame

  • The unit comes with the three flame setting with variable intensity and brightness can use with or without heat
  • Life-like resin log that is 11 13/16 high setting on the grate above ember bed
  • Supplemental heat for up to 400 square feet, can’t use as the main heat source, remote control for easy operation
  • Unit is easy to install and uninstall

Specifications of PuraFlame

Manufacturer PuraFlame
Item Weight 46.7 Pounds
Color Black
Warranty 1-year warranty.

PuraFlame Electric Fireplace


  • Easy to install
  • Heat up to 400 square feet
  • Has a traditional log fire appearance
  • Three brightness settings of flame effect
  • Adjustable and remote control thermostat


  • Some users said reliability issue

8. Northwest Wall Mount Electric Fireplace


The Northwest wall mounts electric fireplace comes with a size of 42 inches. The unit has a modern contemporary look and modern aesthetic appeal. The flames are adjustable for various level of brightness as well as flame effects can switch between the LED amber or blue flame.

Moreover, there is three color settings blue, orange, and orange and blue combo. They use energy-efficient LED technology that lasts forever. Hence, The heater is pretty claims and standard to heat up to 400 square feet. The unit also has a high and low setting. Additionally, you can also watch flame with no heat best wall mount electric fireplace to buyon. The unit is easy to use because it comes with a remote control system.

Features of Northwest

  • Now you can feel more classy and amaze your friends with the realistic feel and look of this electric fireplace.
  • The unit comes with three different decorative backgrounds to select from pebbles, logs, and crystals.
  • The unit has ten different color options so save your heating cost easily
  • LED light technology save your heating cost because it requires less energy.
  • Perfect and elegant home décor product with durable tempered glass that will serve as functional glass with a contemporary frame
  • The unit includes decorative brackets, mounting hardware, logs, crystals pebbles, and remote control with battery.

Specifications of Northwest

Product Dimensions
36 x 18 x 6 inches
Item Weight
36 pounds
Form Factor Wall_mounted

Northwest Electric Fireplace


  • Remote control access
  • LED light technology
  • Elegant home décor
  • For adjustable efficiency settings
  • Changeable flame colors and brightness


  • Little loud

9. Home Iectric Electric Wall Mount Fireplace

Home Icteric electric fireplace

When you want a perfect fireplace that warms your room and gives you great cozy experience with an elegant look. The form and function perfectly align the sleek electric fireplace with the backlights that enhance its beauty. Additionally, The unit brings warmth and beauty together with the 13 ambiances, enhancing light options.

Moreover, the unit has a high, low, or no heating setting that instantly transforms the mood of the room. When we talk about the unit accessories, it includes a convenient remote control system; an elegant backlit designed fireplace adds an ideal touch of modern comfort and style to your home.

Features of Home Iectric Fireplace

  • The fireplace heater provides a flexible heat option, which is excellent for use in any season.
  • The unit comes with 13 different color backlights that provide a stylish look to your room.
  • The fireplace uses LED flame technology, which is more energy-efficient and less costly.
  • This electric fireplace includes fixing hanger, remote control, fixing bracket, mounting hardware, stone pebbles, and plastic expansion.

Specifications of Home Iectric Fireplace

Product Dimensions 30.5 x 5 x 16.75 inches
Item Weight 29.5 pounds
Manufacturer Trademark GLB

Home Lectric Fireplace


  • Adjustable heat options
  • Use LED technology
  • Stylish décor with 13 different color backlights
  • Energy efficient
  • Remote control unit
  • Brings variety, beauty, and functionality


  • Hard to find

10. Dimplex Prism Wall Mount Electric Fireplace


This unit is the best selling linear fireplace with the new prism series. Sparkling with intensity in a full spectrum of RGB colours. The prism effect illuminates the diamond-like acrylic ice ember bed in show-stopping effects.
Additionally, Complete with an efficient and powerful fan-forced heater and adds comfort and ambiance to any space. The plugged in or hardwired, hung on the wall or built-in, moreover the prism series is beautifully versatile.

The unit includes black patented LED flame technology that creates thDimplex Prism Wall Mount Electric Fireplacee illusion of right flame diamond-like acrylic ice ember bed chunks sparkle with reflected light and select color themes using the prism mode. Additionally, Freezing on the hue of choice includes a fan-forced heater to keep the room warm and comfortable floating LED display no harmful particulates or emissions, although it’s the best product that works much.

Features Dimplex Prism

  • Built-in or indoor wall mounted electric fireplace with multi-function remote control
  • The 4198-watt heater easily warms up to 400 square feet of room
  • You can operate the unit independently from the flame display
  • Unique 3D LED light display with adjustable colors and contemporary glass media
  • The unit comes with the 1220 watts, 120 volts 4198 but and a 2-year warranty

Specifications of Dimplex Prism

Product Dimensions 7 x 50.25 x 19.5 inches
Item Weight 70 pounds
Manufacturer Dimplex
Finish Types Black
Form Factor Wall_mounted

Dimplex Electric Fireplace


  • Color theme
  • LED flame technology
  • Multi-function remote
  • Sparkling ember bed
  • Increase the beauty in living room


  • Heat is quite low

Things to Find the Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

There’re various things to consider when you decide to buy the wall mount electric fireplace. Mainly, take into account your space & requirements and consider how to resulting choice will affect by the following factors.

Energy Efficiency

While energy-efficient wall-mounted heaters tend to expensive up front, they’ll save money on running costs. They are effective at heating the size of the room they are designed for. Moreover, the energy models cut costs by using less power. Hence, look for the energy star seal to show eco-friendly and efficient models.


Firstly, consider the room in which the fireplace suits and how it will look. The wall you select should have three to six feet of clearance from all the sides. It is also able to hold the weight of the fireplace easily. Usually, it shouldn’t be much significant than TV. However, firstly measure your wall space.

Power Capacity

The power capacity is more critical while the physical size of the electric wall fireplace makes a difference. The size of the room will determine the power capacity you want. Generally, you are looking at ten watts of power per square foot. Moreover, measure the room to calculate the wattage you want to heat the room effectively. If the heater is significant, it will waste energy, whereas one that’s is small won’t heat nicely.

Heating Fan Vent

Delivery vents are situated at the top or bottom of the fireplace to provide heat. So, think about how your room or living room is organized. Also, Those with a lot of furniture down low may find that the objects block the heat from a bottom vent. If you have a TV mounted above, so you may not want to install a top vented heater.


When we talk about the wall-mounted fireplace style, there are two styles available. Recessed and Flush. Hence, both kinds of fireplaces need to be installed using the brackets. The recessed model slots into a cut-out in the wall and the flush model goes flat against the supporting wall. However, the recessed version is a bit harder to install.

Heat Output

The main reason for buying an electric fireplace is for heat when you are looking for a fireplace. The thing you should know is how much heat you need and how to control you have over the heat that is given. However, electric fireplaces offer enough to eat output for any single space, provided they’re proper size.


The least important aspect that should be addressed is the warranty that is offered. As with any electric device, there’s a potential for there to be an issue. Additionally, It’s important to know what kind of warranty is offered to know that you are covered. Right quality products come with a warranty that will protect against any manufacturer defect.

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Installing a wall mount electric fireplace gives your home a nostalgic feel throughout the winter months. Negating some of the safety risks of a real fire, you get the same experience without the hassle.

Moreover, Look for variable heat settings, realistic flames, and the right power capacity for your room. Remember that measure the cord and ensure it’s enough to reach the plug socket nearest the wall on which you need to mount the fireplace.

However, it’s time you select the best wall mount fireplace from this list. Hence, All models are meticulously tested and reviewed. Moreover, all the units give the room a unique and bold style. With the majority of these models, you enjoy flames affected without the heat.

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