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Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert in 2023 | [Review & Buyer Guide]

Most homes have built-in fireplaces into the living rooms; they’re rarely used as intended. Some people have bothered to chop or purchase coals or wood, and after that, there’s the additional hassle of lighting fire and cleaning up afterward. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fun and cozy ambiance of a fire in your home! Appliance manufacturers make it easier to have a roaring. The crackling fire in the fireplace, without the mess, by introducing a fireplace insert. So, let’s see what’s these inserts are and what kinds are available in the market, and how to choose the perfect Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert for your home.

What is Wood Burning Fireplace Insert?

Wood fireplace inserts often called a wood stove insert. They are necessarily legless stoves that are inserted into the old fireplace. These fireplaces or stoves are manufactured structures design to transform open-faced fireplaces into highly efficient heating sources. Unlike the factory-built fireplaces, our wood stove insert isn’t designed to install into the framed wall on its own.

A wood-burning fireplace insert is used in a properly rated manufactured fireplace. An outer frame called a surround helps cover the gap between the edges of the fireplace and insert. Hence, it depends on the installation. a flexible liner may be required to resize the larger flue of the fireplace chimney. Its because of the high efficiency of the fireplace insert makes for lower flue gas temperature. Thus, a smaller flue is required for the insert to operate correctly.

Moreover, A wood-burning fireplace is masonry or prefabricated firebox that serves as a combustion chamber for wood. However, a wood fireplace insert is a pedestal-free stove designed to fit inside an old fireplace, which explains why most people call them a wood-burning stove insert. To read full guide you can read complete guide on what is fireplace insert and its types.

Types of Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

There’re two types of wood burning fireplace inserts:

  • Catalytic
  • Non-Catalytic

Catalytic Wood Fireplace Insert

While there are several models of the catalytic wood fireplace insert on the market. Instead of baffles, a catalytic fireplace insert uses a catalytic combustor to reignite smoke particles. However, the catalysts came with the honeycomb shape and coated with the metal.

They react with the smoke particles, reigniting them to produce vapor, water, and heat. The reigniting smoke particles in this way results in less smoke. It has a lower ignition temperature, which means it takes less heat to start and maintain the fire.

Moreover, The catalytic insert fireplace uses a basic air recirculation system. It’s similar to the non-catalytic unit but less complicated. The air recirculation system keeps fire well supplied with cuts and air on soot and ash buildup.

Non-Catalytic Wood Fireplace Insert

It’s the standard type of wood-burning fireplace insert. The non-catalytic fireplaces feature ceramic baffles, vermiculite board, and firebricks. Hence, These components seal off the top burn chamber, leaving small space for smoke particles to escape the vent system. Air injection tubes give oxygen to the air. Also, push smoke particles back into the fire to burned again, reducing smoke pollution.

Installation of Wood Fireplace Insert

Step 1:

Measure the opening of the fireplace, so the exact dimensions of the insert can fit in the space.

Step 2:

Put a cardboard chunk on top of the hearth to save the insert and place it in cleaning

Step 3:

You need to fit in a flue liner in the chimney.

Step 4:

Now you can put a mark on the opening at the top of the fireplace insert

Step 5:

Add panels in front of fireplace insert

Step 6:

Finish up by installing the insulation strips on the back of the panels.

Our Pickup of Top 5 Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Editors choice


Editors choice

Drolet 1800i Fireplace Wood Insert


  • Dimensions:32 x 31 x 29 in
  • Weight:392 pounds
  • Material: Steel
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Comfortable Comfortable



  • Dimensions:‎57.15 x 101.6 x 96.52 cm
  • Weight:87.09 Kilograms
  • Material:Wood
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Fantastic Fantastic

Drolet 1800i Fireplace Wood Insert


  • Dimensions:32 x 31 x 29 in
  • Color:Metallic Black
  • Material:Steel, iron
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Elegant look Elegant look



  • Dimensions:35.04 x 8.78 x 26.99 in
  • Weight:46.74 pounds
  • Style:Western
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LED Flamee Effect LED Flame Effect



  • Dimensions:20 x 10 x 10.25 in
  • Weight:7.25 pounds
  • Material:Wood
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1. Drolet EPA-Certified Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

The Drolet wood burning fireplace insert is the best model for those who are looking to upgrade their old fireplaces. This unit comes with a secondary combustion design that enhances its efficiency by up to 30% when you compare this model to other units.

However, mainly here is a great thing to appreciate about the unit is that it has a long run time. A single wood load can last for up to eight hours, so you don’t have to wake up overnight to stroke the fire. Moreover, another best thing is that it looks fantastic. The fireplace insert will increase the aspect of your living room, and it will spread a lot of warmth throughout your home.

Features of Drolet

  • This model provides you with a maximum heat output of 65000 BTU’s
  • The EPA’s standard provides a 1.26g/h average particulate emission rate
  • 29 x 44 black fireplace and blower are also included in the model.

Specifications of Drolet

Package Dimensions 36.2 x 32.2 x 26.5 inches
Item Weight 360 pounds
Manufacturer Stove Builder International

Drolet Wood Burning Fireplace


  • The variable-speed blower will determine how fast to burn the wood.
  • The unit comes with a firebrick lining that improves the insert efficiency by giving radiation heat.


  • Blower makes noise

2. Comfort Flame Builder Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

best wood burning fireplace in 2021

The comfort wood-burning fireplace is the best compact size product that you can use comfortably in your living room or room. The model comes with features such as a steel grate, refractory concrete full brick liner, wire mesh screen, and stamped louvers.

Moreover, the comforting fireplace inserts face is 38 x 33 x 1/16 height and uses an 8 FMI, IHP, or comfort flame wood burning pipe. Additionally, All wood-burning products and direct vent need venting to the outside of the home to achieve proper ventilation and firebox combustion. Hence, The IHP product offers an assortment of venting components to vent directly and wood-burning fireplace. It’s not an expensive product. However, we highly recommend you to choose this model.

Features of Comfort

  • Using the 8 FMI, IHP, or comfort flame wood-burning chimney you can make your room and home warmth
  • The comfort fireplace insert comes with 38inches x 33 inches wide and 1/16 inches height
  • The model includes a steel log grate and mesh screen that will significantly work for a long time.
  • Glass bi-fold doors are also included, but if you want to use them you can because they are optional, so you can separate them easily

Specifications of Comfort

Item Weight
192 pounds
Product Dimensions 22.5 x 40 x 38 inches
Item model number B36L-M

Comfort Flame Fireplace


  • Heats very well
  • Perfect firebox size
  • Great fireplace insert


  • Had to recut a lot of wood
  • Some user said Cheaply made material

3. Drolet 1800i Fireplace Wood Insert

Fireplace Wood Insert

The Drolet fireplace insert upgrades your old fireplace to a cleaner-burning, higher efficiency heat source. The EPA-certified wood inserts generators 75000 BTU to warm up to 1900 square feet. However, The glue collar heating capability blower 1900 also included in the model. The blower power supply volts, mobile home approved no amps 110 volts, heat settings variable.

The dimensions of the fireplace are 27 x 26 x 22 with the wood fuel type. The fireplace log size accepted in 20 L. High-temperature secondary combustion gives 30 more celebrated cleaner and efficiency air-washed ceramic glass maintains a clear view accepts in 20 inches.

The log size quality is a 13CFM variable speed blower with the heat activation firebrick lining safe steel. It gives heat radiation heavy-duty door latch minimum fireplace opening needs 29 inches wide x 17 inches large x 24 inches height.

Features of Drolet

  • Optional REGULAR FACEPLATE with the 29 x 44
  • Optional large fireplace with 32 x 50 inches
  • The model is eligible for 3000$ biomass fireplace tax credit
  • The EPA’s standards with 1.54 average particulate emissions rate

Specifications of Drolet

Stove Builder International Inc
Item model number DB03125
Size 29 Inch
Material Steel, iron
Power Source Wood

Drolet Fireplace


  • The build looks fantastic
  • Requires blower running to get heat in the room
  • It’s the most prominent fireplace find to fit for the price.


  • Model assembly takes time

4. PuraFlame Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Electric Fireplace Insert guide

The Puraflame is the best wood burning fireplace for more than 14 years. The fireplace comes with great design, realistic flame effect, well made and products, and exceptional service. A commitment to reliability and quality can see in Puraflame products.

The realistic and classic look of flickering lively flame, logs, crackling sound and faux brick make the fire look like a real wood-burning fireplace. The flame effects can be used without or with heat, use the heater during the winter season and flame for other seasons for decorating.

However, there are various features of the product that enhance the productivity of the fireplace. The fireplace is easy to slide into wood-burning operating hassle-free, much cleaner, and without air pollution. Additionally, The heat outlet and manual control panel are hidden by the specially designed grille, which provides an elegant look to your fireplace. Moreover, the front glass is safe to touch and will never get hot when the heater is running.

Features of PuraFlame

  • The fireplace comes with technical specifications such as 8.8 depth, 31 inches width, and 24 inches height.
  • Three different flame settings with brightness, variable intensity can be used with or without heat all year
  • 100% energy-saving LED technology that gives an elegant look to your fireplace
  • Supplemental heat for up to 400 square feet, remote control provided for smooth operation.
  • Easy to install with a flat bottom, insert can sit on the floor directly, so plugin and use under a voltage of 120.
  • The unit comes with a one-year limited warranty

Specifications of PuraFlame

Package Dimensions
36.02 x 29.13 x 12.4 inches
Item Weight 39.7 pounds
Manufacturer PuraFlame
Warranty One year

PuraFlame Fireplace


  • Comes with an elegant look
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Flame effects look pretty
  • Three different flame settings
  • Decent model for the price paid


  • Some users said they received damaged unit
  • Glass stays cool, and warm air comes from the top

5. Pleasant Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

The pleasabest wood burning fireplacent hearth fireplace log can be inserted into pineapple insert, existing replacing wood grate, burner, gas grate, or log sets. It’s quite easy to install; you can plug the unit into any 120 Volt outlet to brig the look, feel and sound of a real fire in a clean and safe alternative.

The electric logs are integrated seamlessly with any fireplace, existing wood or replacing grate, burner, gas grate, or log set. You just need to pug in to experience the feel, sound, and look of a real fire. If you want to enjoy your time with your family or friends, this is the best option to use wood burning stove.

Features of Pleasant

  • It comes with the real wood birch logs with the 1350 wattage watts
  • Randomly glowing ember bed
  • Easy and quick to install plugs into a 120-volt outlet
  • Realistic crackling sound with insert into any fireplace
  • Replaces existing wood burner, grate or log set

Specifications of Pleasant

Product Dimensions 10 x 20 x 10.25 inches
Item Weight 7.25 pounds
Item model number L-20W

Pleasant Fireplace


  • Looks nice
  • LED flame effects
  • Feel homier and cozier
  • Two bags of lava rock in the bottom of the fireplace


  • Small in size can’t heat the entire living room

Things to Consider Before Buying the Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

The wood-burning fireplace insert comes with various features and things to look at before purchasing:

Fill an Empty Firebox

The fireplace inserts the heat directly into the home, stead out of the chimney. Fill the firebox with a premium fireplace insert to make a better heat source.

Efficient Wood Insert

The wood-burning fireplace inserts are over 74% efficient and quickly burn up to 1000F. So, now you can quickly get more heat using less fuel.


You should consider how huge or large a surface you need to heat using the wood-burning fireplace. You have to make sure the fireplace model you select will suffice.

Heat Output

You have to choose the fireplace that comes with the best heating output. There’re various models available in the market, and each model produces a maximum amount of heat. So, you have to make sure that the heat the fireplace produce will enough to warm your home.


The wood inserts are eco-friendly because they are efficient; these inserts also produce fewer emissions than open fireplaces. The extra gasses and by-products are re-burned to make cleaner, hotter, and more efficient burn.

Minimal Renovations

The wood inserts slide directly into the old fireplaces and require little to no modification of the existing structure.

Heat’s on; Power’s Out

If you lose power and wood burning fireplace insert, continue to give radiant heat safely. If a winter storm knocks out power, there’s no need to worry. You will still be warm and friendly, even if you’re in the dark. However, most fireplaces work safely without electricity and continue to give the comfort of heat. The fireplace must keep the home warm without considering the weather conditions.

Glass Door

Using the wood-burning fireplace that comes with the glass door is high, then you think. The glass door offers you the best view of flames and increases the room ambiance. However, the ceramic glass is also a great conductor, which means that large glass doors will not make the fireplace look batter. It also makes it more efficient at warming up your home.


Most fireplaces come with builds the wood fireplace inserts from scratch using premium grade raw materials and quality of craftsmanship with the industry’s comprehensive warranty. However, we believe quality is the details and work hard every day to build some longest-lasting and best quality models on the market.

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As you see in our wood-burning fireplace inserts reviews, every single model comes with pros and cons. However, It doesn’t mean that there’s nothing best wood burning fireplace, but it means that every product of them might be the right one in different situations.

Moreover, the main thing you need to do when searching for such the best model is to determine where you need to install the fireplace and how much heat you want it to produce. Hence, Once you have a realistic view of what you want, you can browse various models according to their heat output and size.


What is the crucial thing to consider before purchasing a wood fireplace insert?

It's essential to check your fire department and local building code to see the wood-burning constructions that allowed in your home or area. Don't proceed forward without letting concerned authorities as a legal requirement.

What's the average installation cost of a wood fireplace insert?

The average cost of buying and installation of a wood fireplace is between 2000$ to 6400$. The range is quite vast as the overall cost is based on factors such as types of fireplace, functionality, location and aesthetic quality, and technology.

Are wood burning fireplace inserts efficient?

The wood-burning fireplace inserts are more efficient since they provide off more warmth and last longer than a traditional fireplace. They are also eco-friendly since you are using wood, which is a natural renewable resource. Moreover, you can save some coin in your bills as they need maintenance compared to conventional fireplaces.

How to Clean the Fireplace Insert?

To clean the fireplace insert, you need to mix up a concoction of dishwater, baking soda, and a gallon of water to make a cleaning solution for fireplace insert. Dip a clean rag into the mixture of dishwater, baking soda, water, and scrub the insert form places where's it filthy.

What's the difference between Fireplace Insert and Fireplace?

A fireplace insert is a stove of wood or gas that fixed into the fireplace and is smaller than fireplaces. On the other side, A fireplace is made up of masonry brick. It's cleaning or space that you burn wood in. You just need a fireplace, if you want to install an insert.


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