how to build an outdoor fireplace

How to Build An Outdoor Fireplace – Step by Step Guide

Suppose you have decided to take your backyard to the next level. So, you are wondering how to build an outdoor fireplace. Is it an excellent fit for your lifestyle and family? The best thing about the outdoor fireplace kit that isn’t a great piece of patio décor, well it’s a complete relaxation centrepiece.

However, though cuddling to an outdoor fireplace seems like the best way to stress and forget about the world, people hesitate on whether they need to build an outdoor fireplace in the backyard. They instantly think and hear DIY. There’s no way we can do that. To build the best outdoor fireplace, here are some vital steps, you just need to follow the instructions so you can easily make the best outdoor fireplace.

Step 1: Check Local Codes

Be sure to check local, any state, or HOA codes and restrictions for the fireplace. Usually, these are as simple as meeting the clearance requirements from the property lines and structures. You may want to add a simple spark arrestor. Unfortunately, open fires could ban. So be sure to check with the local municipality to ensure compliant build.

Step 2: Plan of Action

In the first step, you will go to the backyard and see if you have a perfect amount of space. The Fremont fireplace kit dimensions without add-ones will require 55 x 49 x 95 space. Are you want to burn wood or use the gas logs?

Will you want extra chimney clearance? You should ask these questions to yourself now so that you won’t be caught off guard later whether you need a taller chimney light, wood storage on the side, or go with the gas logs. We offer various options to modify the kit to liking.

Step 3: Build Foundation

Here you need to spend some time preparing for the foundation. We know you’re eager to get started the foundation to put the fireplace on top of the essential and first step! Most people built concrete, and there’s nothing too extraordinary to do outside of using the standard practices. There’re a few things to consider.

Concrete still want 4-8 crushed aggregate base to rest.

Don’t pour it directly on the soil. The concrete needs steel reinforcement. So make sure to build it correctly according to the local codes. Here you need a minimum four thick up to 8 reinforced concrete pad if you are building on a pre-existing concrete pad, one large fireplace footprint to foam, or cut the expansion joints around the fireplace.

However, the expansion joints ensure the weight of the structure doesn’t crack concrete pad. You can practically hide expansion joints if you select. Tightly mark around them with the market. Remove the blocks and use the saw to cut along lines outlining where blocks will go.

When repositioning the first course, the blocks should hide expansion joints. Forming and cutting these joints will provides you fireplace its separate pad. When setting or movement occurs, the pad will move off the main slab. The isolated pad will eliminate cracking of the central pad due to the constant weight of the fireplace.

Step 4: Gather Tools

Here are some tools that are recommended to build an outdoor fireplace.

  • Hammer
  • Dead Blow Hammer
  • 4 Foot Level
  • Caulk Gun
  • Torpedo Level
  • Square
  • Ladder

Step 5: Build a Fireplace

Build A Fireplace

Here are some essential steps to build your fireplace.

Lay foundation block

The hardest part is completed! As you start to lay foundation blocks, we recommend you begin from the center because the middle of the base align ta middle of full block helps you center fireplace for the optimal fireplace.


As you build kit, be sure to keep it square, level, and plumb. Use the four-foot level and often check. Start on the level foundation is critical.

When gluing blocks together, be sure not to use too adhesive. It will cause the blocks to swim. A small bead of glue is best as the gravity of blocks themselves will hold fireplace together. The glue is insurance.

Build Firebox

The firebox is the heat of the fireplace. In essence, it’s exactly what its called a box. Be sure to keep box flush, plumb, and level. Use a big ass square will help. Start build form outside corner. Keep the structure level, flush, and plumb. However, there’s nothing different about the firebox construction.

It has two key features that you should keep in mind when building. It’s lined with the firebrick and has an opening that will need a lintel. Both relatively simple build. The instructions guide you all steps of the way. The fire bricks are an extra layer of masonry that keeps the fire from attaching structure.

Next, you should place a lintel block at the top of the firebox opening. It’s essential to do this as ensuring to glue these blocks as they are supporting angle iron. Place angle iron that the top of the angle leg is flush with the top of the lintel blocks.

You need to use coins or add sand under the angle iron to make it flush. The extra room allows for angle iron to extend. To complete the rest of the firebox, you need to set up temporary support blocks. Just attach the corner of the block as it’s easier to remove later.

Build Smoke Chamber

Now the fireplace is complete, so it’s the best time to take a break and allow the glue to set up. To build the smoke chamber, rack the block in 2 from each side and about four from the front. Due to the tumbled nature of blocks, it’s challenging to get excellent measurements without a special jig.

You can make a jig or use a finger. It’s correct as you need to be. As continue building chamber, you can keep the back wall of the fireplace plumb while racking the block in 2 from each side. You should use a straight edge to keep runs straight.

Time to Build Chimney

You will move on the chimney with the smoke chamber complete. Its simple process of stacking block while ensuring everything stays level, plumb, and square. The chimney is the same size all way up. This will ease the construction. If you have wood boxes build those so you can stand them.

Add Cap

After all the above steps, if carefully you follow these instructions, the process will be done the day after finish the fireplace. So the other part should be taken care of. Outside of getting foundation level, place the cap in the hardest part of build, sue ladder. Have a safety escape planned in case the final cap gets dropped. Fireplace parts are not as essential as body parts. Be safe, and take time. Use the ledges created by the racked block as a stairway to move to block up until the final heave.

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Finishing Touch

Here we need to add our finishing blocks. These blocks are the smallest and lightest pieces in build. They’re used for trimming the chimney and create mantel. Glue these pieces as they are blocking that isn’t locked into place.
Finally, the fireplace is ready. We hope you enjoy the new fireplace and relaxation centerpiece.

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