How to Decorate Unused Fireplace

How to Decorate an Unused Fireplace in the Living Room

When your home has a fireplace, why not make the most of it? Not only will it look nice, but it will save you money. If the fireplace is no longer used, you can save even more money by converting it to storage space.

You might be wondering how to decorate an unused fireplace in your living room and any other place in your home. There are many options available, but the biggest one is to use your imagination. Here are some ways you can decorate your unused fireplace. Here are some ideas to get you started:

7 Creative Ways to Decorate an Unused and Empty Fireplace

1. Hanging a Mirror Over it

Hanging a Mirror Over the fireplace

You can decorate the space around an unused fireplace by hanging a mirror over it. Mirrors bounce light around the room and make small spaces look larger. They also look great above a colorful rug. These decorating ideas will not only increase the beauty of your space but also enhance the safety of your home. Besides adding aesthetic appeal to your space, fireplaces are great focal points.

If you are planning to hang a mirror over your fireplace, it is important to select the right size. The measurement will also determine the direction you hang the mirror. Keep in mind that large mirrors take up a lot of wall space. Smaller mirrors, however, can be used as accent pieces.

2. Books Storage inside the Fireplace

Books inside fireplace

Using an unused fireplace to store books can give it an extra purpose. By stacking books from ceiling to floor, you can add interest to your room without sacrificing the practicality of storage. You can use the fireplace as a bookshelf, and it will make the room appear finished. You can also use an old fireplace as a storage space by lining it with shelves of old hardcover books.

3. Plants Decor

plants decor in

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Another option to decorate an unused fireplace is to fill the space with colorful plants. You can also add brass items to add a touch of color. You can also place a vase of your favorite flower to remind yourself of sunny days. Another option is to add some decorative pumpkins to the wood shelving, as they look beautiful in autumn. They also add dynamic color to the room. It can even become a focal point for a living room.

For holiday decor, you can use pumpkins, pine cones, dried flowers, fall leaves, and fall decorations. For Christmas, use a Christmas tree, holly, and other holiday-themed decorations. In spring, you can display fresh blooms and Easter-inspired items. And if you are looking to show your patriotic pride, use red, white, and blue decor. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to decorate the unused fireplace according to its season and theme.

4. Candles Framing

candles framing

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Adding candles to an unused fireplace insert is an excellent way to bring character to your home. This area is often overlooked by homeowners, but it can be the perfect frame for your personal style. These decorative touches can add a special touch to your home that will be admired by everyone. You can use different types of candles to create the desired mood.

5. Decorative Centerpieces for the Space

Decorative Centerpieces

Source: Pinterest

If you have an unused fireplace, you can decorate it with a decorative centerpiece. A centerpiece is a beautiful way to add some brightness to the room. In addition to a decorative centerpiece, you can also place a plant in the unused space. You should buy high-quality fake plants and place them inside the fireplace. Alternatively, you can place a painting or other work of art inside the fireplace.

6. Piece of Art

piece of art

Source: Elle Decor

Another good way to decorate an unused fireplace is to put up a large piece of art. Whether you buy a vintage painting from the flea market or a modern abstract from a student show, an empty fireplace is a perfect place to display your art collection. You can also place antique dolls or kid’s sports trophies on the shelves. You can also place vinyl records on the shelves for relaxing listening.

7. Decor with Wood Timber

decor with wood timber inside the fireplace


A fireplace can look lonely if it isn’t in use, but you can still give it a focal point in the room by arranging pieces of wood around it. You can even stack several magazines in the fireplace, so you have a convenient place for your periodical collections. Chopped wood can also be painted to add a splash of color, while the natural look of the wood will hint at a roaring fire.

Summing up

You can use your unused fireplace to add a touch of color to your monochrome home. Fill it with a vase full of your favorite flowers and use it to remind you of warmer days. When space is limited, you can be creative. Instead of using the fireplace for its original function, you can put up wood shelves to create a storage area. You can also place decorative art pieces on the shelves to add some cheer. All of the above-mentioned ideas are the best ones to decorate an unused fireplace in your home!

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