How To Light a Fire Pit

How To Light a Fire Pit? [Complete Guide with Easy Steps]

Whether fire pit means of outdoor cooking or provides diversion, most people like to enjoy an evening sitting around a fire in a fire pit. Keep protection precautions a priority as you build a fire to avoid unnecessary and severe injuries. How to light a fire pit? The process of lighting the fire pit is very simple and easy.

Once you completely understand the basics of laying a fire and keeps it is burning, then the fire will blaze merrily. The process of lightning of fire pit can vary with what to burn in the fire pit.  However, here are some steps by following these steps you can quickly light a fire pit.

Step 1: Collect Tinder and Kindling

Collect the kindling, tinder and fuel because these are essential components for lighting the fire. Tinder-like dry pine needles, newspapers, and straw. Moreover, firewood consists of wings or thin sticks. Fuel is the more massive firewood that keeps the fire burning, and it should be old wood (dry) and not green to burn well in the fire.

Moreover, there’s the need for one armful of kindling and tinder and enough fuel to keep the light burning as long as you wish. One substantial long dry may burn for one hour on average.

Step 2: Lay Fire With Tinder

Now lay the fire, beginning with the fuel. Lay two to three handfuls of tinder down in the centre of the fire pit. Place five to six pieces of kindling over tinder in a teepee fashion (arranges the sticks around the tinder with sticks meets in the centre tinder).

Step 3: Light the Tinder

After following the previous step, light a match or lighter and light the tinder. Watch as the flames from the fuel reach up to the kindling and start the kindling on fire.

Step 4: Add Fuel

Add fuel to the fire after the kindling is started burning. Now carefully place the fuel onto the fire over the kindling. Expect the firewood to collapse the tinder. It will create hot embers to keep the burning fire.

Step 5: Add More Fuel

Add some more pieces of fuel as the smaller pieces of fuel burn up. If flames begin to wane, add more kindling and tinder to keep flames sufficient around the fuel until the fuel catches fire.

Step 6: Add More Wood

See the fire at all time to ensure everyone safety and ensure it continues to burn the satisfactorily. If the light wanes, additional more kindling and fuel. If the fire grows more significant than your desires, let it die down without any extra fuel until its smaller.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Evening

In the end, allow your fire to burn down naturally, starting one hour before you need to put it out. Stop adding fuel to the light at this time. Smother the fire with dirt or sand when only embers remain.
After lighting the fire pit, you can enjoy your evening with your family or friends and make memorable moments. In case of burning your fire pit overnight, you should follow safety precautions.

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