how to light a gas fireplace

How to Light a Gas Fireplace | Step By Step Instructions

Is there anything colder than curling up around the fireplace when its winter? We don’t think so! As winter weather approaches, you will need to make sure your fireplace is working. How to light a gas fireplace? Many gas fireplaces have a standing pilot light, which is a small flame that burns when you are not using a fireplace.

Some things can make you appreciate the convenience of modern living, such as losing power. With the winter weather expected to hit the east coast, this losing power and subsequently heat may be a real concern.

Quick Start

The pilot light makes it quick and straightforward to start a fire when it’s cold outside, but most users shut off the pilot light when the weather warms up to conserve gas. However, if you find that pilot light isn’t on, follow the steps below if you want to relight it and have your home cozy and warm in no time.

Remove the cover of the fireplace to reveal gas controls at the bottom of the unit near the floor. You should see a gas shut-off valve. Turn the parallel handle to the direction of gas pipes to turn on the gas. If you don’t see the value, it may be behind the fireplace, so look for it there and turn it on.
Pull fixed glass assembly off of fireplace. This is a critical safety precaution that gives the buildup of gas if the pilot light is hard to relight.

Easy Steps to light gas fireplace

Locate the gas control dial. You should see a black or red button. Press the button to verify that there’s a spark at the end of the pilot tube. If you don’t see any button, you must light the flame manually.

Turn gas control unit the Pilot setting aligns with the mark on the outer rim of control. Push-button while you push the starter. If the pilot doesn’t light, wait 10 to 15 seconds and push again. Continuously do this until the pilot starts.

The Light flame with a match or long-barreled lighter. Hence, hold the gas control button down while you hold the end of a lighted match or lighter at the end of the pilot tube. If you do this correctly, the pilot light should start as soon as the flame is enough to close

Hold the pilot button down for almost 20 seconds to provide the thermocouple time to warm up then release it. The pilot stays lit, but it doesn’t regulate it and press a button bit longer.

Turn the button to the “ON” position the replace the fixed glass assembly and decorative cover. You are done! It’s time to enjoy the fireplace.

Instructions of Lighting Gas Fireplaces

Before the Fireplace lighting instructions, smell the fireplace area for gas because some gas is more substantial than the air and will settle on the floor. However, never use a tool to try to use your hands to turn gas knob control. If the knob does not turn by your hands, don’t try to repair it. Call Sundance energy for technician service.

Moreover, don’t try to use a fireplace if any part has under the water. Here are some vital key points that will help you to light a gas fireplace.

  1. Turn on the gas knob clockwise to off position.
  2. We need to wait for 5 to 6 minutes to clear outgas. If you can easily smell gas near the floor, then move next to the floor because some gas is heavier then the air and will settle on the floor; however, if you don’t smell gas so you can go to the next step.
  3. Find the located pilot in front of the log.
  4. Turn the gas knob counter-clockwise to pilot.
  5. Depress slightly and hold the gas knob while lighting the pilot with the igniter push button, keep knob depressed, and, after some seconds, release it if the pilot doesn’t continue to burn and repeat all the above steps.
  6. With the pilot lit, turn the gas knob counter-clockwise to on position.
  7. If equipped with adjustment flame valve, push and turn the knob to light.
  8. If equipped with the remote on-off thermostat switch, the main burner may not come on when turning value to the on position. To ignite the burner, a remote switch must be in the on position.
  9. Turn on all the electric power to the fireplace.

Lighting a Gas Firepit With Remote Starting System or Wall Switch

  1. Consult the owners if you have. The owner manual should provide you all information you want to operate and maintain a gas fireplace. Often, you can access the manual on the manufacturer’s websites.
  2. After some time, change the batteries in remote and receive, which is inside the fireplace in the control center.
  3. Light fireplace form wall switch or remote control

Lighting Gas Stove

Gas stoves operate like a gas fireplace with the same features. Some gas fireplaces and gas stoves offer automatic safety shut off features, which will turn off pilot light after several inactivity days. You have to remember that pilot is not on when you light the stove.

However, a well functioning fireplace can efficiently operate for many years with care and maintenance. You will enjoy the fireplace any time there is a chill in the air. Gas fireplaces offer an efficient and clean source of heat when they’re working correctly.

After this, all that’s left is turning the fireplace on with wall switch or remote and enjoy it.

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