How to Put Out a Fire Pit_

How to Put Out a Fire Pit? [Easy Steps]

The fire pit is a great addition in the house backyard which looks nice, fun, and attractive. How to Put Out a Fire Pit? is a question that comes in mind of every fire pit lovers. Nobody wishes to think about the end of the party and how to put out a backyard fire pit, but having a plan when the time comes is essential from a convenience and safety standpoint.

There are various ways to get the job done that ensure that fire is out and the safety of your favorites and your property is taken care of. There’s nothing great like sitting around an open-air, whether its fire pit in backyard or campfire out the backcountry. Toasting food around the fire is a time-honored family tradition that creates memories that last a lifetime.

Moreover, with wildfires such as threat to the forests and nature of our country, campers must be responsible when putting their campfires. Whether you’re cooking over a campfire or sitting around one in the backyard at home, anybody knows how to put out a fire pit correctly.


Step 1

Let fire pit burn down entirely until the wood had turned o ash fully. All this takes is planning, stop adding fuel to the fire about an hour before you plan to leave. This way naturally fire burns down, makes your job easier. To speed up the process, put out the remaining chunks of wood using stick or shovel.

Step 2

Spread the remaining coals or wood with a stick or shovel. They will quickly if you’re not touching, as the fire will hold less heat. Watch out for red embers and pay special attention to chunks of wood. They look cool on the outside, but they still are holding substantial heat in the middle.

Step 3

Douse the fire with a water bucket. When you do this, carefully hold bucket many feet above the light when pouring water on, to avoid any scalding from steam which might arise. May you hear sizzling sounds from embers that still ignited, remember to cover ashes in the water, not the red parts. Pour the sizzling sound have silenced entirely.

Step 4

Using stick or shovel, stir around the ashes to make sure elements that fire is now thoroughly soaked in water. Stir up remaining chunks of embers and wood, and check the surrounding stones for embers. You can add more water if necessary.

Step 5

Check surroundings of your firepit, look any wood or ashes might have blown away or fallen. Check the campsite before leaving the garden, or area for sparks or any heat even ember can start a forest fire in right conditions.

Step 6

Do a temperature check on the area where the fire was. You should able to touch it without pain and heat. Ensure that fire pit and surrounding area is cool, if it’s not, repeat step5 until you make sure that fire is entirely out.
You can use dirt if you don’t have water to extinguish the fire. Use the same method with the water, mix with embers until the fire pit is cooled.

Start the process once you start packing up so that you make sure the fire is entirely out by the time you vacate the area. Putting out a fire as a last-minute task before they leave is dangerous as if you don’t take time to do it right, there’s still be hot embers around.

Check the complete area for embers and sparks. In the hot season, it takes to start a wildfire.

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