What to burn in a fire pit

What to burn in a fire pit

If you are wondering what to burn in a fire pit is then you will be happy to know that there are quite a few things that will work just fine. You do not have to go out and spend any money on special fire pit fuels. Because anything you use for cooking or lighting your fire pit should work just fine.

What to burn in a fire pit

Here we will take a look at some of the things that you should be able to use in your fire pit.

Things to use

There are many types of things that you can burn and make good logs for your fire pit. Here is a list of some choices:


Woods burning in Fire Pit

This is probably the oldest choice and one of the best. There is something relaxing and comforting about a wood fire and they make for some great campfires. Just be careful if you are burning anything treated, like railroad ties or wood that has been painted because it could release toxic chemicals into your fire.

2-Makeshift logs

Wooden Logs

These can include things like sticks, branches, twigs and other natural things that you might find around your yard. Make sure to chop them up as best as possible and keep the size down

The smaller it is, the faster it will burn and the more heat that you will get for your fire.

3-Animal dung

Animal Dung for Burning

This sounds gross but if done correctly it can be a great source of fuel for your fire. If you can find dung that has been aged for a while, then it will smolder better and give off more heat.


Peat for Burning

This is made from dead plants that have been compressed over time into very dense chunks of fuel. It burns well and should be readily available at any home improvement store, usually in the form of compressed bricks.

You will need to crush them up before using them in your fire pit.


Coal for Burning

This can be used when you are having a traditional campfire. It is the best option if you are looking for long lasting fuel that gives out a steady, consistent heat. Check with your local home improvement store or one near a factory that burns coal, like a power plant.

If you are buying reclaimed coal for your fire pit, make sure to wear a mask when handling them. Check your local listings to be sure it is ok to burn before using them in your fire pit. You do not want to release any toxins or chemicals into the air.

What should you avoid to burn

There are a few things that you should never burn in your fire pit, as they will release some dangerous chemicals into the air. If you must use something from this list, make sure to keep it away from any houses or buildings and only use it where there is plenty of fresh air.

Here is a list of common things you should not burn:

1-Plastic and other garbage

This can leech toxic chemicals into the surrounding soil when it is burned. So, be sure to use it in a pit that has been specifically designated for this purpose.


Rubber products burn very hot and give off a toxic smoke. It can also melt right into your pit, so it is best to avoid using rubber in the fire pit at all cost.

3-“Green” wood

This is anything that has been freshly cut, but it will still have a lot of moisture in it and you might not actually burn all of it. So, you will have some leftover waste material. It is best to let the wood season before burning it.

Never burn anything that could melt or give off harmful fumes, like paint cans or anything with petroleum in them. Batteries, wires and other items that are filled with chemicals can release toxic fumes when they are burned.

Additional tips

  • There are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to make your fire pit experience as safe as possible. Make sure you always have water on hand in case something catches fire or the wind picks up and the fire spreads.
  • Also, make sure you never leave a fire unattended and that you have a safe way to dispose of all ash. If you do not want to keep dumping it out on your property, then find a landfill or designated area that is okay with burning it. You can also use the ash in by mixing them up with soil to create a compost pile.
  • Be smart when you are burning and always use common sense. If the fire is too close to something that could catch on fire, then put it out or move it away from there before trying to add more fuel.
  • Make sure anything flammable is at least five feet away from your fire pit so it does not catch on fire and make sure you keep the hot coals contained in your pit.
  • Do not leave your campfire or bonfire overnight, as this is when they are most likely to get out of control and continue burning until all the fuel has been consumed. Instead, go ahead and put it out before you go to sleep. Always pay attention to what is going on around you and how it could affect the fire.
  • Keep a bucket of water nearby at all times and douse the fire as soon as it is out. This will stop any chance of embers from escaping from your pit and catching on to other things that could cause a problem.


How hot will my fire pit burn?

The heat of your fire depends on a lot of things and is not an exact science. The size and shape of the pit will play a role in how hot it gets and how long it stays burning, as well as what you put inside. A metal mesh screen over the top can help reflect the heat back into the pit, but it will also trap in some of the ash.

How long should I burn my fire?

You should let fires die down to embers before putting them out completely because this will make it easier for you to clean up afterward. If you want to leave your fire overnight, and then make sure you cover it to keep out animals and then douse it with water to ensure that it is safe.

How do I clean up my fire pit?

The best way to clean your pit is by using a garden hose and mixing up some sand or dirt so you can scrub away at the charred remains. You might want to put on some work gloves before you do this to protect your hands from the hot, sooty mess. You can also make a mixture of one part vinegar and three parts water to use as an environmentally friendly alternative to de-greaser when you clean up after your fire pit.

What should I use for and what not to use in a fire pit?

You can use any type of wood or charcoal as fuel for your fire, but make sure it is completely dry before you put it in the pit. Avoid using things like rubber and plastic, because these can melt right down into your fire and then you will have a very difficult time cleaning it up.

How do I use my fire pit to get rid of waste?

You can burn just about any kind of wood, even scraps that you would normally throw away or repurpose into something else. You can also use some charcoal briquettes in the fire if you want to heat up your back yard on a small scale.


A fire pit is a great addition to any home for many reasons, because it is a way for you and your family members to have fun. You can use this for cooking food or just enjoying the warm glow that they provide in a safe environment. Before you start a fire in yours, make sure you do some research on what kind of materials will catch fire and what will not so you can keep your family members safe.

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