how to start a fire in a fire pit

How to Start a Fire in a Fire Pit? [Solution]

Nothing is best than sitting around a warm wood burning fire after a long day. It’s the best way to unwind, create cozy memories with your friends. But before the start of a relaxing evening, you should know how to start a fire in a fire pit and make sure it last throughout the night.

Take note before starting the fire of your surroundings, make sure your fire pit is in the perfect place. Away from structures and unintended fuel sources, in compliance with local fire code and HOA covenants.

There are various ways to start a warm and inviting blaze in your fire pit. We will show safe and secure ways to light your fire pit! There are multiple methods to get those flames burning regardless of your fuel choice. Here you will learn how to start the fire that is not much hard as you think. However, We are confident that you won’t have to rely on lighter-fluid or flammable liquids to get your fire in a fire pit started.

Starting fire in a fire pit

Preparing to Start a Fire in Fire Pit

If you want to start a fire in a fire pit, there’s need to gather dry tinder and seasoned firewood, kindling. A fire-starter option such as a lighter or matches and supply of water for emergencies. A pair of heat resistant gloves and log tongs are recommended for anyone tasked with tending to the fire. Take caution not to wear loose clothing that put the risk for injury from an errant fire pit flame.


There are different fire starters, but the most common type include kitchen matches and lighters, which will get the job done but can be tedious. You can use an electric arc or a butane torch lighter. Some people don’t have these sitting around the house, but they are useful when starting a fire in the fire pit and relatively less expensive.


For the reason of lighting fire pit, tinder is that natural lit quick-burning fuel source that gets kindling and logs burning. The fuel itself can be anything from pine needles, newspaper, leaves, tree bark etc. as long as it non-toxic and dry at the time of use.


Kindling is dry sticks that burn long enough to get firewood going. The useful twigs and sticks are softwoods like cedar, pine, spruce and poplar.


Logs are the foundation of fire and keep burning long into the whole night. The perfect type of firewood includes hardwoods like ash, oak, and birch.

Starting a fire pit fire well and keeps it going just like different tasks. Do it enough, and you’ll eventually get works for keeping it safe. Once the process is done, start to stockpile those items you will need. So you have them on-hand whenever the urge to light your fire pit arises.

Keep safety at forefront to include these safety items ( log tongs, water supply protective gloves, etc.) in fire pit session. Finally, make sure that the fire pit is on a level surface and adequately for away from things you don’t need to see catch fire.

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