How To Use A Wood Burning Stove

How To Use A Wood Burning Stove

A wood-burning stove is an outdoor heating appliance that uses wood as fuel and wood-based biomass fuel, including sawdust from the sawmill, bricks from the demolition shop or the yard. In general, the appliance comprises a metal-enclosed firebox, frequently lined with fire brick, and at least one or more thermostats. You might also interested in Best Wood Burning Fire Pit.

Wood Burning Stove

Things to Be Consider Before Buying the Best Wood Burning Stove

You can choose the type of wood-burning stove that best fits your home and your needs. That is an important decision because choosing the wrong stove means increased costs and added maintenance. Let’s take a look at some aspects of wood-burning stoves that you should consider when buying the best wood burning stove.


First of all, there is the size of the stove to consider. You need to have enough room in your home to accommodate the stove. If you live in a small flat, say, you will probably not afford a very large stove. However, many modern stoves come with many sides and openings so that they can be placed in a room with a lot of space. It is better to buy a big-sized stove, but you should still try to have one that is big enough if you do not.


Another aspect to consider is the design. Today you can find both modern and traditional designs for wood burning stoves. You can choose from a simple wood burner or a more elaborate fireplace. The type of wood that you choose will also affect the stove’s efficiency and cost. Some woods like pine burn more efficiently and last longer, so you should keep this in mind when buying your stove.


Another factor to consider is cost. A wood-burning stove can be quite expensive. Before making a purchase, you must evaluate how much you need and how much money you are prepared to spend. A wood fireplace insert can be a practical choice if you are looking for a simple solution to a wood fire pit. If so, you should also consider the quality and safety measures taken to ensure that the insert you purchase is of good quality.


When shopping for a wood-burning stove, it is wise to shop for one with the same dimensions as your existing fireplace. The diameter and height should be compatible. Also, some stoves use a damper, which must be made of combustible material to prevent the wood-burning stove from emitting smoke into your house.


In addition to size, design, and safety features, you will need to consider other factors when purchasing a wood-burning stove. Make sure that the appliance you select matches the style and decor in your home. You don’t want a brick fireplace with contemporary decor, or vice versa. You also have to consider what type of fuel your new stove will use. Gas burning stoves are easier to use than electric ones.

Fire Diameter

Finally, you need to think about the size of the fire that you want. There are stoves with a big diameter fire and those with smaller ones. These stoves require different amounts of space and are easier to maintain. Of course, if you want a big fire, you can get a wood stack stove instead. As this stove has multiple fire bowls, it generates more heat, and this extra heat is usually sufficient to warm up your entire home, but you might want to consider the possibility of getting some more wood.

Wood burning stoves have a long history, and they are probably the oldest heating appliance in the world. That means they have also experienced many changes to improve their performance. Some people are concerned about the safety of their chimney fire, but the fact is that it is designed to prevent creosote from escaping out the other end. Proper maintenance and care will prolong their life and keep your home safer. If you need help choosing a chimney flue or chimney liner, contact a local chimney cleaning company.

How to Use a Wood Burning Stove?

If you are like most house owners, you must know how to use a wood-burning stove. But did you ever wonder how easy it is to use this kind of stove? Or do you ever wonder what other kinds of advantages you can get from owning one? Now you will learn more about how to use a wood-burning stove.

Use of a wood-burning stove is not as difficult as you might think. Anyone can use this kind of stoves. Of course, you need to be familiar with how it works and handle it properly. To make the most out of it, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Ensure that the flue is properly warmed up; if not, then warm it using a heat source.
  • Light up the fire.
  • Let it go, and bring the temperature of the stove up by adding large-sized logs.
  • Control air vents.
  • Ensure the woods are efficiently burned.
  • Maintain the fire by adding vents and logs.
  • It’s pretty much it!
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